13 Replies to “Donald Trump says “Bush is the worse president in history!””

  1. Most billionares like him wouldn’t have the guts to say something like that, in fear of loosing money. Trump had a lot of good guts to stand up and say something. We need more people like him.

  2. “btw i hope DOnald Trump beats Vince McMahon in the battle of the billionaires hair vs hair match at Wrestlemania 23”
    Me 2

  3. Call me ignorant/uninformed… but so far Trump is the first American i heard on TV to give mention to the number of Iraqi lives lost.

    As opposed to “The war is terrible becuz 3000+ americans lost their lives”
    “The war is terrible becuz thousands of americans were injured”
    “The war is terrible becuz its costing billions of tax-payer dollars”
    “The war is terrible becuz america’s reputation is tarnished”
    ….an on and on and on

  4. This is why a lot of the conservative right wing pundits are just focusing on Illegal Immigration and ISLAMICIST as their main talking points in their shows. This shows that the WAR IS A FAILURE!!!

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  6. Please…

    Do you think he would have said that if he wasn’t worth what he is? And recently he seems to be making more public (including international) appearances, every wonder why? PR, is what they call it.

    It won’t be long before he’s now presented as a loony in the right-wing media.

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