New Illume Issue – ‘We Are What We Do’

Illume’s new issue, ‘We Are What We Do’ is all about Muslim sisters and written by sisters. So check it out sister!

It’s only $24 to subscribe monthly! So subscribe if you don’t get Illume!

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  1. Actually, you can. Some of the articles are open for anyone to read, others require a subscription. But the entire issue is available online everymonth, with some extras.

  2. Assalaamu ALaykum,
    Need some help with downloading nasheeds for an upcoming wedding.

    Let’s say you only have the Youtube videos of the nasheed, anyway, we can download and burn audio on the C.D from that.

    Namely, I need the Wedding Song by Zain Bhika and The Heart of a Muslim song.

    I need arabic nasheeds by Sheikh Alafasay(I think that is his name): Talal Badru ‘ALayna, and Anal ‘Abdu, and Ma’ Allaah.

    my email is there, please email me ASAP, really appreciate it.

    Give my salaam to your mom.

  3. What’s your email address? I wanna find out where I can buy this magazine on the newsstands.

  4. i have a question….

    is Zain Bikha = Michael Jackson?? is tht true??

    so, if Zain Bikha is not MJ, who is he??

    name of group?? i was really confused boit it.

    jazakallah before..

  5. but , MJ is a muslim rite now, isn’t he? just for sure…

    has he made an album after convert to islam?

  6. Mujahideen i saw your video on youtube free psp please tell me the info i need to give you and get me one pleasssseeeee!!!!!

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