Graffitied Door of a non-Muslim University Professor says “Suck Bin Laden’s…”

Some person(s) at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada sprayed paint on the door of professor who wasn’t even a Muslim writing this:

(Uncensored version here.)

In the News: Hamilton Spectator (Via UmmahWatch) & on Maniac Muslim

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  1. Salam.
    First of all, I am disgusted..not by the horrible language which was used, but by the fact that this door was obviously tagged by a 4th grader old. And to think, institutionalized cartoons such as Teletubbies and The Wiggles leave our kids to imagine such horrendous attacks on humanity, though the atrocious spelling removes any instance of fear from within my heart. I ask myself, what has the American Elementary Youth come to, that we can no longer properly exchange insult with the much deserved respect for the creative minds that can come up with such colorful, yet understandable phrases: “cootie-face” or “nerd.”
    We should teach our kids that the “k” in “suck” looks like a “k” and not an “l.” That a “Rag|+|” is not at abbreviation for “Rag Head” (the proper form is Rghd. [males] and Hjbi. [females])
    Today I stand up for the American youth, and plea for the return of our classical values. A rise of the New Era should bring about reform, and not the degradation of our social structure. So I take the first step towards this, by completing this insult.

    “Bin Laden has the cooties. He’s such a nerd. I love rags too.”

    Next step, teach kids how to check room numbers outside doors.

    Jazakullah for your time,

  2. lmao. i made so many mistakes in that. i guess thats what I get for trying to sound sophisticated. my bad.

  3. We should lobby that school to find the perpetrators and teach them a lesson.

    Plus Muslims should write into the school saying that they are disgusted with this act of islamophobia and expect the school to tighten up their security measures, and to tackle this problem head on.

  4. MR thanks for posting this. I can’t believe that this actually happened at the school I went to .. I graduated from there 4 years ago (this april) and I never remember any crazy problems like this. Even after 9/11 there was more tolerance. I think people have such a skewed vision of Islam that they just hate us! But I guess this is the way we were told it would happen: The Prophet (saw) said: “Islam started as something strange and will end as something strange.” Maybe now, Islam seems so strange to people (mainly due to the actions of ignorant muslims) that they hate us. Is this inevitable????

    wow. sorry, my rant is over.

    PS Yusuf: I think some of the words didn’t appear correctly because there were pictures (Denmark cartoons) also on the door. The spray paint went over those pictures, but were then taken down at the time the pic was taken.

  5. Salaams
    Hey MR appreciate this post much like many others before it, but i suggest (just for the sake of your reputation) you shouldn’t refer to the vandals as “idiots”. Be as professional as you can because you have no idea how many people read this, and if you can be cordial about this matter then we can rise up against this much better…sorry not meant to criticize I understand the anger but I’m just going with all the advice I have acquired from sites such as these. Its tragic that simpletons have to resort to such behavior but we mustn’t retaliate in such a manner. Thanks.
    W Salaams.

  6.’s definitions of idiot and simpleton…

    idiot (used by MR):
    an utterly foolish or senseless person.

    simpleton (used by Sajid):
    an ignorant, foolish, or silly person.

    hmm, both seem to have the same or similar meaning.. one just sounds fancier 😛

    I’m with MR, they are idiots 😛 but I’m with Sajid as well, they are simpletons!

  7. Some1 graffitied “welcome to Hell” at the entrance gate of Masjid Darul Quran…yes ppl, stupidity level has just gone down.

  8. I say we teach these, and all the other idiotic simpletons a lesson 😛

    We should lobby that school to find the perpetrators and teach them a lesson.

    Plus Muslims should write into the school saying that they are disgusted with this act of islamophobia and expect the school to tighten up their security measures, and to tackle this problem head on.

    We should also write in to the mayor and local media outlets and say that we are outraged.

    Muslims never forget about acts of injustice – i say we teach all idiotic simpletons a lesson 😀

  9. The question that should be ask “is he a raghead lover?” If so then there is nothing wrong with what was wrote on his door. I’m just suprised that a Canadian would have the balls to write something like that since they are weak and collaborates.

    Beeville, TX USA

  10. Brave for the infidel. I only wish his spelling had been a little better. Spray painting a door is hardly a serious issue, we are at war after all.
    Had the situation been reversed and let’s say the professor had been the cartoonist who drew Mo with a bomb on his head do you think his door would have been spray painted? Or more likely would he have been ambushed and killed by some cowardly islamic nutball?

    So, hold your head up high muslims and write as many letters as you can to the university etc. It’s high time that this era of political correctness is over, and constant irritations by offended muslims is the only way it will end.

    I welcome and look forward to the day when open discourse of islam and its global ambitions can be put on the table for discussion.

  11. Agreed with all comments regarding the insults Abu and Salaams and Salamis and whatever….. However….Muslins never seem to embrace the fact that their religion is constantly harming others. Any where in the world when there’s a terrorist, a bombing, honor-killing, attacking civilians, something (Like what happened in India just in the last few days) there’s always a muslin behind it. This religion is not peace loving, is full of hate. So, reap the seeds that are sown. So, just keep it up, and you will see this type of insults (such as the one on the school door) become common place. Sorry, it true.
    So, I too welcome and look forward for open discussions on muslin’s intent to be the only religion tolerated. Frankly, I’m ready for the “mother of all Crusades” and if that makes me an Infidel, so be it. I think that being an Infidel is actually a compliment.

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