Jin – Rain Rain Go Away (Virgina Tech Tribute)

I’m still a big hip hop head (astagfirAllah) so I found this pretty good song by the rapper Jin from New York. It’s a tribute song to to the Virginia Tech Tragedy. You might be wondering why I am posting so much about this incident. Well it has greatly affected me in numerous ways. That’s all I can say.

Contains Music.

6 Replies to “Jin – Rain Rain Go Away (Virgina Tech Tribute)”

  1. Assalam ou alikoum,

    May Allah help all of them(who have lost family or friend in this tragedy!!)
    From my country (France) it’s seems like a bad dream!!!realy in incredible sobhnAllah!!!
    Sabr for you bro coz it’s seems that this tragedy affect you a lot!!
    (I hope you understand my very very bad english!!!)

    with sincerity
    a sister

  2. Salam,

    MR you give us so much with this site never apologize. Time will heal you and help put events into their appropriate places.

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