Plans underway for monorail to link Makkah’s holy sites

I saw this on UmmahWatch. Pretty cool idea to make Hajj safer and efficient. I can’t wait to see it. It’ll most likely be well built and designed, since the Saudi government is doing it.

Here is the article:

Plans underway for monorail to link Makkah’s holy sites

Plans are underway to connect Saudi Arabia’s holy sites by monorail to facilitate transportation for Hajj pilgrims, the Arab News reported today. The $1.9 billion project involves building monorails in Makkah, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat.

A monorail is a single rail, generally elevated, that is used as a track for passenger or freight vehicles. A key advantage is that monorails do not obstruct traffic on the ground, and they are environmentally-friendly.

The monorail proposed for the Makkah-area project would have four to eight carriages and can transport 20,000 passengers an hour – nearly 800,000 pilgrims during the Hajj. The project also includes parking facilities so that pilgrims can park their cars at the entrance of Makkah and then board the monorail.

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), the Ministry of Transport and the Higher Commission for the Development of Makkah and Madinah have all reviewed a study of the project and welcome it. The study was prepared by the International Transport Projects Company, which is now contacting Saudi authorities to obtain the appropriate license to implement the project.

The Makkah-area monorail is expected to be completed in four years. A similar project is under consideration for Madinah.

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  1. Omar,

    Do you even know what a monorail looks like? It won’t take a lot of the space you’d think it takes. Why are you being so pessimistic?

    Do you have any idea how SLOW it takes to get to places during Hajj. This idea is just a start for making Hajj more efficient and pleasent, especially when you have a growing population. Each year there’s going to be more people doing Hajj and it’s good that Saudi is actually doing something to make transportation at Hajj easier.

  2. Assalamaualaykum. I’ve been to Mecca and Medina several times, though not during the Hajj season, insha’Allah Allah (swt) will bless me to go soon. Though I understand that my comment was pessimistic, I think that we really need to take the question I posed into account when considering any large term project being carried out by the Saudis. We have lost a great deal of our historical heritage at their hands, and frankly, I’d rather wait 5 hours to get from Mina to the Kaaba than have a historical site bulldozed.

  3. Hmmm .. I have mixed feelings about this monorail. On the one hand, going from place to place is extremely difficult and time consuming during Hajj (I’ve been there once, alhamdu lillah) and a monorail would definitely help regulate the traffic. On the other hand, do you want your hajj to be such an ‘automated’ process?

    If the Saudi government truly want to help the pilgrims, they would not shut down major roads and highways whenever a prince / or gov’t official is performing hajj. It wreaks havoc for all the other pilgrims.

    Omar .. I agree historical sites should and must be maintained … unfortunately I don’t think that the construction of new buildings and projects is the reason why the historical sites are taken down though 🙁

  4. It is a good idea.
    I think they will consider not knocking down holy sites, between Makkah and Madinah etc there is just barren land mostly anyway.

  5. It’s going to be a maintenance nightmare considering how many people are going to be using it…but if anyone can maintain it, it’d be the Saudis. The way they get the Kaaba and Haaram cleaned is amazing!

  6. Monorail is a good idea for elderly, children, large groups, and the disabled. Young adults and those who have adequate strength and endurance should use transportation other than monorail.

  7. I agree with Ayoub.

    The monorail should only be accessible with the handicapped and elderly and children. Anyone physically fit should walk. This way, the old folks wont slow up traffic and transportation is quicker both ways.

    Hmm, I have an idea. Why not have an underground walkway to get to key points in Hajj? I think it will work out, just will take some clever engineering to keep it cool and well circulated.

  8. Assalam brothers in Islam,

    I have been to Hajj sevaral times (Alhamdu lillah for this bliss). Its a nightmare to move around the holy sites and a monorail is hust a perfect solution. I have been wondering and praying to Allah to bring a time like this when a bulk transportation means will replace the busses and the hardships we experience.


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  10. Brotherz … blease listen. This will not work brotherz. There are too many hajis brotherz. How will they offload and onload efficiently brotherz? It’s going to be a nightmare brotherz. blease listen to me brotherz.

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