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Books for Baghdad Project

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  • Date: May 24,2007 | 07:52 AM

Can’t sell some of your textbooks? Have a stack of them in your room? Fear not! Earn some cash for the hereafter! Donate your textbooks for your brothers and sisters in Iraq…

Books for Baghdad Project

Send textbooks, calculators, computers, medical school supplies, and other types of school supplies to them. The type of textbooks they really need are College-level textbooks, especially in the following subjects: Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Computer Science, Finance, Technology, Engineering, ESOL (English as a Second Language), Encyclopedias, atlases and dictionaries (Less than 5 years old), Classic Literature (Shakespeare, etc.), and Computer books (Less than 5 years old).

More info here

Shout out to my sis who found this site and put it on FB.

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