Thoughts on the JFK Terror Plot

So I’m Muslim and also an American Guyanese. I was born here, but my parents are from Guyana, South America. I’m sure most of you heard about the JFK terror plot that unfolded recently. I’d just like to shed some short comments and criticism on the medias coverage of the story.

It’s very disappointing to hear that some Guyanese and Trini Muslims were plotting to do this crazy attack. Anyways let’s look at what said:

Officials said the “defendants obtained satellite photographs of JFK airport and its facilities from the Internet and traveled frequently among the United States, Guyana and Trinidad to discuss their plans and solicit the financial and technical assistance of others.”

It’s called Google Earth guys.

Asked why she thought her husband was arrested, Isha Kadir said it could be related to his connection to Iran. The family is Shiite, she said, and two of her children studied Islamic culture in Iran. But “we have no problem with the United States,” she said.

Ask your nearest Guyanese Muslim about Shia in Guyana, and they will all say “I have never met or seen any Shia in Guyana.” Also, since when do Shia women take the name Isha (Aisha, just spelt weirdly). LOL

Anyways, regardless of what the article says, this is very troubling and difficult to understand, especially since they were Caribbean Muslims. I still don’t get it. I’m glad they were caught, alhamdulillah.

“This is something I cannot comprehend,” said Zameer Sattaur, 41, the imam of Masjid Al-Abidin, the mosque at the heart of the neighborhood, which he says draws as many as 1,000 people to prayer. “Guyanese people here do not support anything of such nature, and we will not condone such things.”

Sources: 4 charged with terror plot at JFK airport, In ‘Little Guyana,’ Disbelief Over Terrorism Arrests

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  1. How come shia people don’t take the name Aisha?
    Do they have like a whole set of different names?

  2. This is quite a shock. I would never think any Guyanese or Trini people would be part of something like this …

  3. hmm very sad indeed. There was an excellent article written by Nazim Baksh (for Q news I think) some months ago, talking about the Rise of Extremism in Guyana – how it changed relationships and attitudes amongst Muslims in Guyana. I guess it was only a matter of time before the wahhabi indoctrination in Guyana translated to sick actions such as this.

  4. I agree with MR, if their ‘intention’ was to carry out this crime, then its good that they were stopped. However, I’m skeptical at the fact this could be another campaign by the US Gov’t & mainstream Media to attack Muslims in different part of the world. In this case Guyana/Trinidad.

  5. MR, I’m glad to read your post on this. I thought of you when I posted. This is very strange that they are connected to Guyana and Trinidad.

    You do remember the the FBI’s most wanted Adnan el Shukrijumah is Guyanese. He lived in Florida most of his life, his father was an Imam (now deceased). Osama bin Laden has charged him with the task of future attacks on the U.S., specifically plans for a nuclear attack or suitcase nukes.

    I had a reader who had a sighting of him in Ontario and we have been working with the FBI. Of course he could be anywhere now, and that could have been a case of mistaken identity.

    I’m learning today that in the documents/recordings obtained from these JFK terrorists, there were numerous mentions of “Adnan” . Now the FBI is investigating further to see if this is THE Adnan mentioned above.

    I respect your fellings on this MR. Thanks.

  6. O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done

    الحجرات Al-Hujuraat: 6

  7. Well…hmmm…I won’t go off on a tangent on the issue — but I recommend a degree of caution as we don’t know what the complete facts are in this case.

    Basically, I’ll try not to be like others in the blogoshpere who might immediately jump to the conclusion that these guys are: “Jihadees” … “Nutters” … “Khawaarij” … whatever.

    I don’t know the people involved in the alleged JFK plot and I certainly wouldn’t want the actions of these people to negatively impact the whole of Guyanese society.

    Guyanese people are very nice, mashallah! They have cool accents…listen to reggae…and know interesting dance moves. Guyanese people also try to make “Jerk chicken” — which I believe they took from the Jamaicans.

    Jerk chicken just sounds weird. Actually, it sounds somewhat offensive.

  8. I guess “innocent until proven guilty” means nothing anymore. i’m so glad to see muslims automatically assuming these people are guilty or that this plot is even real. Because the American government is always honest and has never lied or has never said false information. I guess that’s why 50% of Americans still believe Iraq had something to do with 9-11.

  9. @ fs:


    “…American government is always honest and has never lied…”

    American is the most honest nation on the face of the Earth — bar none! (lol)

  10. fs on June 5, 2007 at 3:16 pm said:

    I guess “innocent until proven guilty” means nothing anymore. i’m so glad to see muslims automatically assuming these people are guilty or that this plot is even real. Because the American government is always honest and has never lied or has never said false information. I guess that’s why 50% of Americans still believe Iraq had something to do with 9-11.

    This comment is the best comment here. Its sad that muslims are hearing about these reports and are believing it right away. They never gave any proofs and we never heard the story from the people that were “caught”. Its funny how election time is coming up and now all of the sudden the fbi caught two terrorism acts before it happened. They caught the muslims who were gonna bomb the army base in new jersey last month and this month they caught the JFK bombers.

  11. Salaams Brothers and Sisters in the caribbean.

    Yes we have Caribbean Shias in the the UK. There are some slight difference between Shia and Sunni. The main being that we only take leadership from the Prophet’s household PBUT and the prophets decendants. Surah 33:33 Here we see that the Prophets household are purified. Therefore voting as Abu Bakr et al were installed is viewed as invalid, as no where in the history of the belivers has anyone been voted in to the position of the Imam. Soloman inherited from David. Haroon form Musa, Ismial from Ibrahiem. To be blunt Shias believe in bloodlines not voting or selecting by personal preference or self declaration in the case of the son of Abu Sufiyan. This arbitory system of selection lead to the grandson of Abu sufiyan (Yazid)inheriting the calipha and murdering Imam Husain and his family AS at Karbalah. Shias ask the Muslims, do you love the prophets family. If you do the why did Muslims at this time killed the Prophets grandson who name is recited in our Jummas prayer along with his brother Hassan as the youths of heaven. And…why didn’t you know what i have just told you?

    For further insight into Shia from an Afrikan Caribbean perspective you can download free extracts fro my 2 books “Rescued from the Fire” and “Killing me softly: death by assimilation.”


  12. One thing Shia’s need to know is that true Sunnis respect the Ahl Al-Bayt to the upmost extent! I have spoken to many shia’s, and they think that sunnis hate ahl al bayt, which is entirely wrong! Sayidna Ali RA and Imam Hussain RA are all respected. However, what causes the difference is what was chosen..its all so political! Sunnis believe that the Prophet PBUH made sayidna Abu Bakr lead the prayer, and then, he got voted for. Yes, many shias argue that he shouldnt have…but it happened…and y are Shias still angry about it till now!? Even Sayidna Ali RA accepted it after i believe the 2nd or 3rd Caliph. Plus, what i dnt get, is why many Shias curse the companions? Sayidna Ali RA himself called his children Abu Bakr and Omar…should not this say something? Beautiful thing that Sunnis should have, and is a great shame if they do not, is that they love everyone, the Ahl al bayt and the Companions..we are all taught in Islam to not make assumptions about people and we cant chose if they go Heaven or Hell, so how can you say oh Yazid RA is going to Hell etc. You must leave this for Allah SWT to decide, its up to us to say Allahu Alam, we cannot make that decision. It is better to leave it at that. And remember… a heart that has hate cannot have love. Dnt fill ur heart with hate for the companions, as the Prophet PBUH said (as i remember): My Companions are like stars, whoever loves them, loves me.
    Its like someone coming and cussing down ur best friend, u cannot agree.
    May Allah SWT guide us all inshAllah.
    Take care.

  13. Salaams brother for you kind response.
    I agree with you about Shia cursing the companions this is not helpful and we here amongst the Afrikan Caribbeans tend to not get involved in this cultural feud.

    But again the central issue is bloodlines and method of selction of the calipha. If you want a deeper insight into the life and opinions of Imam Ali AS you must read his book Nahjulbalagha
    and you will have a greater insight into this issue. This work truly sets the scene over the consequences of this injustice.

  14. Sorry and you hadith actually relates to Ali.


    Whoever accepts me as his master, then he should als accept Ali as his master o Aallah be friendly with his friends and be an enemy to his enemy.
    Sahih Muslim, vol 2 p362

  15. Sorry, astagfirulah, i got my hadith mixed…this is it
    “My companions are like stars, whoever of them you follow, you will be rightly guided”.

  16. Hey sorry, how does the hadith relate to Ali RA? The hadith clearly states companions. It would have specified otherwise. Dont worry, there is also a hadith for loving ahl-al-bayt…even better its in the Quran.

    Also, the hadith u quoted:
    Whoever accepts me as his master, then he should als accept Ali as his master o Aallah be friendly with his friends and be an enemy to his enemy.
    Sahih Muslim, vol 2 p362

    If this hadith is correct, then whats the problem? R u using it as a hadeeth to say he (RA) should have been Caliph?
    lol, one piece of advice, lets not dwell on the past..and think for the future. What happened happened. Allahu Aalam, why cant we just all get along and accept what happened in history–and work as one Ummah, instead of everyone hating everyone?

    And Allah SWT Knows best.

  17. Salaams Brother

    In none of my statements have I used the word hate. You have assumed that I have some form of hatred for companions, sunnis etc. please I am presenting to you a valid view point shared by Sunni and shia thinkers who recognise the following:

    1 There was a dispute over the calipha.
    2 This dispute was between the followers of Abu bakr and Imam Ali as.

    3 One group believed in the election, one in a heridtory system where the Family of the prophet
    should govern the Islamic state and Ali who had never been second to any person except the prophet became head of the household and the islamic state.
    4 A group of unamed “elders” with no authority appointed Abu bakr.
    5 Ali AS was presented with a unwinable situation. ( please note that the election of the new caliph was done whilst Iman ali AS was preparing the Prophets body for burial.

    I am not hating anyone. I am presenting to you historical fact of why we have Shia and Sunni. But also how leaders like Yazid ended up brutality murdering the family who we claim to love.

    Hussain AS led a revolution against corruption in the Islamic state and refused to bow to Yasid ( a known tyrant and alcoholic). This is from Sunni historians.

    As for my quote there are many more which confirm that the system of family rule was imperitive! and ali was the most suitable and only candidate for the calipha.

    Brother this is my central arguement family or arbitory selection?
    I have no hate for no one, but one can not ignore historical facts.Or say that historical fact should be left to Allah. I f sone one killed your family would you leave it till judgement day? Small children were chopped to peices in the bloody slaughter, crying to Allah. iman Hussain’s head was chopped off and presented on stake to Yasid. Imagine if this was your Grandson?

    We truly love the prophet’s family and remember the tragedy of Kaballah. Brother please examine this event.

    The messenger of Allah SAW said:
    “The messenger of God is about to come to me and I shall answer. I am leaving you to weighty thing: The first is the Book of Allah, in which you find guidance and enlightenment, and the people of my household…i remind you by Allah the people of my household…i remind you by Allah the people of my household.”

    Sahih Muslim Chapter on the virtues of Ali AS Vol.5 p122
    Mustadrak al- hakim Vol. 3 p148

    Salaams my brother

  18. One more thing my brother;

    Shia and Sunni both believe in the comming of the Mahdi AS. Although they disagree on the root for this appearance I’m both agree that he will be a descendant of the the prophet(Sayid) confirming my position of family rule in Islam.

  19. My brother let me guide you and the readers to:

    Wikipedia: Ali

    ‘AlÄ« ibn AbÄ« Tālib (علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب)‎ (Thirteenth of Rajab, 24 BH – Twenty-first of Ramadan, 40 AH) (Approximately: March 17, 599 – February 28, 661)[1] was an early Islamic leader, the fourth Sunni caliph, and the first Shi’a Imam. Although he had limited political influence during his lifetime, he had vast influence on the developments of events during the time of the early Muslims as a military leader, close companion, cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. Later, his stature as a foremost authority on the Qur’an, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and religious thought continues to influence Islamic history. He is among the most influential people in the history of Islam after Muhammad himself, being considered second only to Muhammad in divine guidance by Shi’a Muslims. He is revered by the Sunni Muslims as the last of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs and as a foremost authority in Tafsir (Quranic exegesis) and Islamic jurisprudence.

    If you read on this site is a non bias view which will explain the division between the two groups

    And hopefully inform those who have followed our discussion.

    As Salam Alaykum

  20. Salaam brothers.

    Since the above comments were posted Abdullah Uhuru, my dear friend and confidante passed away. This was around a couple of years ago. Reading these comments however have refreshed my memory of him. How wonderful a person he was, with such historical insight. He never set out to cause trouble. Just to speak the truth, which he did, with honor and dignity.

    Amongst the attendees of his funeral were many Sunnis, Sunnis who hadn’t realised up until that point, that he was actually Shi’ah. He was a lover of humanity and Islam and it is only right that a person should be judged upon his behaviour and actions regardless of his belief. A true example of an upright man, a loving father and a speaker for justice. May God bless his soul.

    I hope also that those of us who are also interested in research and history, are able to take some of his advice.

    Despite the fact that there are differences between Shi’ah and Sunni, we are still able to view each other of Muslim. If through logical reasoning debate and research one therefore becomes convinced of the legitimate political inheritence of Imam Ali, and the grandsons of Mohammed, as Caliphs of God, then this will not mean that they have walked out of the fold Islam.

    On the contrary, the belief in Imam Ali as immediate successor to the last Prophet will only strengthen one’s determination to speak the truth, as Islam orders us to do, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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