What does $465 billion buy?

These are some really cool facts:

  • The cost of the Iraq war
  • 2,949 Newton North High Schools – Most Expensive High School at $154.6 million
  • Free gas for everybody for 1.2 years – in America of course
  • Or go green (with ethanol) – 1/6 of the US money targeted for the Iraq war could convert all American cars to run on ethanol
  • 14.5 million years through Harvard (44 million at UMass) – and probably like 100 million at SBU, hahaha. that’s a lot of full-scholarships!
  • Medicare benefits for one year
  • Feed the World’s poor for 5 and half years – that is something amazing, yet sad

Source: What does $456 billion buy?

What would you do with $465 billion?

I’d pocket a couple million (hehe) and give the rest for sadaqah/zakat/donations.

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  1. actually, Youssef… only 77.5 billion platters. they raised the price to $6.. booo

  2. I’d support the NAVY with it. See, the NAVY works day and night to protect us from a possible invasion by
    a) Godzilla
    b) T-Rexes from Jurassic Park
    c) Poisonous Jelly Fishes

    They, like, really, like, deserve our support.

  3. Nicole Rodolpho on June 6, 2007 at 4:14 pm said:

    actually, Youssef… only 77.5 billion platters. they raised the price to $6.. booo

    Boo, indeed. What a shame. In case anyone is wondering, a top-notch shawerma sandwich from Abu Rami’s in Cairo is the equivalent of about 50 cents.

    $465 B = 150 Abu Rami shawermas for EVERYONE IN THE WORLD

  4. Intellijunkt Commentary on June 8, 2007 at 5:44 am said:

    Why would that be sad? Doesnt ‘150 Abu Rami Shawermas for everyone in the world’ mean Abu Rami will be richer than most of the oil-well-owning princes of that region?

    Actually, according to Sheikh Ul-Internet, Wikipedia, this contract would grant Abu Rami a higher GDP than Egypt as a whole–by some $130 Billion.

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