53rd and 6th (Chicken Guy, Platters, Gyro Guy, etc.) has increased its price to $6!!!

Chicken Guy - Platters - Gyro Guy - 53rd and 6th<-This is what it use to be. Inflation at 53rd and 6th. I went to Chicken guy recently and to my surprise I gave the brother a $10 bill and only got back $4. I then realized the price increased to $6. This is an outrage upon humanity! We should gather millions of 53rd and 6th lovers to protest at 53rd and 6th at midnight every night. We should demand they decrease the price to $5! Who’s with me!

OR sign this petition here.

Okay, in all seriousness, $6 is a pretty good price for good food. I don’t really mind paying it, but the online petition is for fun. I highly doubt it will work, just like the 1,000s of other online petitions that fail.

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  1. As outraged as I am, I don’t care enough to sign. I am assuming he needs the money. But…he has to keep his standards high and he can’t raise it anymore! I haven’t been there in mad long though.

  2. ali on June 7, 2007 at 2:40 pm said:

    what exactly do u get for 6 bucks ?

    Boneless Chicken or Lamb peices with yellow rice, salad, bread and white sauce and/or red hot sauce.

    They have many gyro carts/stands across NYC and the Queens/Brooklyn boroughs, but Allah (swt) put barakah in the food at 53rd and 6th in Manhatten. These Egyptian brothers make really hard dua and have worldwide attention. There lines can be up to 2 hours long just for a plate of food.

    The amount of food they give is more then enough for me. I don’t eat a lot, so I usually have to save some for later or share it.

  3. $6 is more than reasonable. A comparable plate at even a bad restaurant will cost you upwards of $10 and not be nearly as good.

  4. guy, i remember when i was in NYC 2 years ago, i ate there almost every day for a week….i was amazed at how much food i got for $5…that sucks about the price increase!

  5. masha’Allah those brothers have a good business going…BUT

    right on the other side of the street (i think it’s 52nd and 6th)…there are some muslims egyptian bros who really hook it up…and their food is just as good, with a much shorter line.

  6. assalaamu alaykum

    i have to admit it is annoying to pay an extra buck but the price of everything went up so they have to spend more on the ingredients and the supplies so it makes sense and isn’t so unfair after all.

    the cart that i get my food from gives rice, meat, and salad for 5 bucks and sauce but no bread so you kinda have it nice there mashaAllah

  7. MR, is the chicken this place serves hand slaughtered? In other words, its real Zabihah for people who prefer their meat that way?

  8. is stunning a chicken then doing zabiha on it OK? People are beginning to question Halal stores, and some say its better to check they kill them straight.

    Any1 know?

  9. jzk Allah.
    That is very helpful. May Allah SWT also provide us with people who can answer our questions.

  10. what thet raised the price??!!??!?!?
    the foods really good i went there from longisland just to eat there, the line was a block long at 10:30 pm

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