Washington Times disgraces Washington – Join CAIR to prove them wrong!

Shout out to Amad at MuslimMatters.org who has launched a campaign for Muslims to become members of CAIR after an article that appeared on the Washington Times website entitled “CAIR membership falls 90% since 9/11” which was authored by Audrey Hudson. Muslim Americans, when we have issues with the government whether its in terms of accusations of terrorist charges, Islamophobic attacks, immigration issues, etc. we all recommend/contact CAIR with these issues. How many of us actually support them? When was the last time we gave them a dollar? Donating to the local Muslim center is good, and donating to charities is excellent, but also we need to spend some for our own protection and the future of the Muslim ummah in North America. It’s only $35 a year to be a member. Get rid of cable and become a member!


CAIR asks Muslims to respond to newspaper’s ‘hit piece’ by becoming members

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/12/07) – CAIR today accused a right-wing Washington, D.C., newspaper of “agenda-driven reporting” for falsely suggesting there has been a drop in its grassroots support.

According to CAIR, an article in today’s Washington Times newspaper misrepresented figures on its tax filings to falsely indicate a drop in membership.

In a statement sent to the Washington Times prior to publication of the false and misleading article, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad stated:

“Comparing CAIR’s 2000 dues figure to that of 2006 is a misleading and mischievous ‘apples and oranges’ exercise because those figures were calculated based on different criteria. They do not include the thousands of people of all faiths who became CAIR members through several free or low-cost membership drives. For example, between 2002 and 2006, more than 25,000 people became active members for $10 or less during those drives.

“Our membership is increasing steadily, as is our donor base, annual budget, and attendance at CAIR events around the country promoting interfaith understanding and respect for civil liberties.

“The increase in CAIR’s grassroots support in the American Muslim community is clearly demonstrated by the opening of 25 chapters and offices since 2001, all of which are funded exclusively through local donations. Each year, CAIR fundraising banquets in Washington, D.C., and nationwide are sold-out events of up to 2000 people.

“We are also concerned that Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson has apparently had a vendetta against our organization and the American Muslim community since she was barred from a recent CAIR news conference because of her history of sloppy and agenda-driven reporting. It is unfortunate that her apparent bias leads her to ‘cook’ CAIR’s membership figures and to tarnish the journalistic reputation of the Washington Times.”

The Washington Times did not include any of Awad’s statement in today’s article.

“Support for CAIR has grown as ordinary Muslims witnessed the exponential growth in attacks on their faith by Islamophobes seeking to marginalize and disenfranchise the American Islamic community,” said CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “It is CAIR’s principled and effective defense of the American Muslim community and our criticism of failed foreign and domestic policies that have made us the target of these scurrilous attacks. We will not be intimidated or silenced by hate-mongers.”

“CAIR is first and foremost a service organization that responds to the needs of millions of American Muslims,” said Hooper.

He said CAIR, since its founding in 1994, has helped some 20,000 individuals and families who reported incidents of anti-Muslim bias or discrimination. In the past year alone, some 10,000 people attended CAIR fundraising events. More than 300 community leaders currently serve on CAIR boards and as staff nationwide. CAIR donors include people of all faiths and walks of life.

Hooper asked members of the American Muslim community and other people of conscience to “tell the Washington Times what they think of its irresponsible, agenda-driven reporting” by becoming a CAIR member.

He said many Muslims have expressed concerns about repeated instances of anti-Islam bias in the Washington Times’ reporting and commentary. The paper has in the past refused to publish CAIR’s responses to its Islamophobic content.

SEE: CAIR Says Washington Times ‘Hypocritical’ on Press Freedom

Hooper cited a recent front-page article in the New York Times that quoted government officials as saying CAIR’s critics engage in McCarthyite tactics. The article stated:

“More than one [government official] described the standards used by critics to link CAIR to terrorism as akin to McCarthyism, essentially guilt by association.’ Of all the groups, there is probably more suspicion about CAIR, but when you ask people for cold hard facts, you get blank stares,’ said Michael Rolince, a retired F.B.I. official who directed counterterrorism in the Washington field office from 2002 to 2005.”

CAIR, America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 33 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to promote justice, enhance the understanding of Islam, and empower American Muslims.


Show the Washington Times what you think of its biased and anti-Muslim reporting by becoming a CAIR member.

To become a CAIR member, go to: https://www.cair.com/asp/membership.asp

To donate to CAIR, go to: https://www.cair.com/asp/default.asp

6 Replies to “Washington Times disgraces Washington – Join CAIR to prove them wrong!”

  1. Unfortunately, many Muslims have such a laissez-faire attitude about their own rights that they won’t wake up until they find themselves in internment camps. If we cannot support the organization that is fighting for our civil-rights, then to be honest, we don’t deserve those rights that much either.

  2. Salaam,

    CAIR is taking care of two cases which deserve support. One is the child of the Muslim who was given citizenship. The mother is here too. The child is not allowed because his name is similar to a Palesitinian leader. This story is about two days old.

    The second case is Dr. Sami Al-Arian. He has been in jail for two years. He has no civil rights. He is waiting to be deported, there is no reason why he is in a jail in Virginia. CAIR will give you the contact information you need.

    We can help CAIR by writing letters, by making calls, by informing other Muslims. We need to.

  3. There is no place for radical Islamist like CAIR in the West. We should have known, ever since the Kabbani affair, these guys are just what he said they were. Hiding behind Islam in muslim countries, in the West they hide behind civil liberties.Where do they get their money from, Kabbani was right, they are a mafia who are supported by wahhabi tyrants.

  4. Mohamed on June 16, 2007 at 6:08 am said:

    There is no place for radical Islamist like CAIR in the West. We should have known, ever since the Kabbani affair, these guys are just what he said they were. Hiding behind Islam in muslim countries, in the West they hide behind civil liberties.Where do they get their money from, Kabbani was right, they are a mafia who are supported by wahhabi tyrants.

    Kabbani should stay out of politics and just stick to his sufi’ness. A person who said that “95% of the masjids in North America are run by extremists” really has no authenticity in this ummah. He should just stick to doing dhikr, especially when his own tariqa is split and the other shaykhs do not agree with his political agenda. And Allah knows best.

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