Imam Suhaib Webb – From Protest to Engagement

Imam Suhaib Webb is hands down one of the top American-born-convert/revert Scholars a long with Shaykh Hamza, Imam Zaid and Dr. Jackson! He keeps it real on the mic! MashaAllah! I love Imam Suhaib Webb! Watch this lecture! It’s 3 videos!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

14 Replies to “Imam Suhaib Webb – From Protest to Engagement”

  1. OMG! MashAllah!!! This is the first time i hear this Sheikh, and iv only just watched part1…i am taken aback by the powerfulness of what he is saying! MashAllah…he is truly full of knowledge, pious and understanding.

    May Allah SWT increase us, and give us from the Light these Sheikhs have. Amazing mashAllah! Tnx for posting.

  2. Mashallaah, this is a really good speach.

    i attened this event and this was one of the best speaches that i herd on that night.

    May Allaah grant Suhaib Webb heaven and peace in life. Ameen!

  3. Hate to break it to you, but he isnt even considered a talib ul ilm. Going to al Azhar for a few years is pretty baseless compared to the REAL scholars who use to spent 30-40 on learning alone.

  4. He’s too young to have studied for 30-40 yrs! But when he becomes 50-60yrs old, then he would have been studying for 30yrs!
    Maybe then he will satisfy u…Allahu Alam.

  5. Salams,

    Br. Muhammad as I know he studied for ten years with different scholars and then went to al-Azhar. Thus, that would total 13 yrs of study. Br. Muhammad. How long, and who, have you studied with? For, indeed, in order to judge you must have some mastery. I know that Mr. Webb has completed more than 28 parts of the Qur’an, is fluent in Arabic, and has a number of Ijazas. The only difference is he doesn’t advertise them. Fear Allah akhi and, as the Prophet ordered us, “Speak well or be quiet.”

  6. mashallah imam suhaib is one of the most inspiring scholars who understands the youth & nobody should criticise. instead we should make dua 4 all muslim brothers and sisters

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