Shaykh Hamza Yusuf defends the Wahhabi Saudi Ulema

Check out this interview with Riz Khan from AlJazeera English, especially the part 7:51. Some guy calls in and blames the “Wahhabi Sect” for terrorism and look at Shaykh Hamza’s response! MashaAllah!

This is a great sign of unity. It’s almost as if all the mainstream lines of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamma are about to converge. Alhamdulillah!
This is a sign of fair unity amongst differences. All the mainstream lines of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamma are straightening out into a parallel formation.

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  1. Barelwi fanatics are just as nasty as wahhabi ones it seems…..I’m neither, so before you barking dogs start up again know that….

    Either way I just came up here to tell you all to kindly shut the fuck up. Everytime one of you dimwits makes a comment I get an email in my inbox. Knock it off you religious charlatains. I’m CERTAIN that all the people up here loudly proclaiming their beliefs and making taqfeer on others leave ALOT to be desired in their personal lives as far as their Islam is concerned…..Try saying all your prayers at their scheduled times, deal kindly and mercifully with your family and friends, and be an honest human being. Then you can come up here and talk shit with whatever time you have left, you hypocritical assholes….And btw I don’t make any claims to be a super muslim. I’m not clearly. But I definitely know hypocrisy when I smell it….

  2. lol…..i agree with Fathi Slimi, my inbox is full of Emails from this blog, just stop it now please!………..and to “east london muslim” (or whatever your names was) if your 4 wives die you can marry another 4, but just dont go killing your wives to marry another 4!!…….lol…….it’s 4 wives at any 1 time.

  3. “Khurram Murad was influenced by Mawdudi, who founded Jam`at-e-Islami (I call it Jama`at-e-Shaytaani), that was influenced by Abul Fitnah Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab al-Mal`un and who influenced Wahhabi terrorists all over the world, including Sayyid Qutb al-Najdi, may Allah curse him.”

    1. Maududi was not “wahhabi” and in fact many “wahhabis” denounce him and his party today.

    2. Those same “wahhabis” denounce the “wahhabi” terrorists, showing that not all “wahhabis” are on the same line of thinking.

    3. Sayyid Qutb was not a “wahhabi”.

    4. Sayyid Qutb al-Najdi? Qutb was from Egypt.

    Looks like you need bad facts to have bad opinions, huh?

  4. Islam celebrates the fact that there are differences of opinions just so as long those opinions do not contradict the teachings. I don’t care if you are salafi, sufi or sal-ufi (made that up). The salafi is my brother, and the sufi is my brother. I once had someone tell me “we cannot accept the sufi because they do certain things that lead to shirk”. unless you know for certain that it does and not just because so and so “brother” tells you so, then leave it alone. show love for one another and do your best to help guide one another. when doing so, always assume that you yourself can be wrong in what you say. keep that humbleness. I for one believe there is good in both what sufis do and what salafis do. this is a broad statement because all sufis are not the same and all salafis do not share the same exact thought. learn to live with one another and be certain that there will be differences. Allah loves those who show mercy to others. He in return will show these people mercy inshaAllah. Our Prophet (sas) was not a divider amongst his ummah.

  5. i am a (Sa-lufi ®) part Sufi part Salafi. 🙂 the middle way is the best. I get to yell at myself exclaiming bida bida bida ! with the response of you extremist !   I like to use my bida-beads. does anyone else? 🙂

  6. If you disagree with someone then respectfully debate/argue with him. Don’t act like a 2 year old. Oh and Look at the fatwa book from Darusalam publishing house and in it there is the fatwa of Shaykh Uthaymeen on the prayer beads.

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