MR was down last night and this morning

Alhamdulillah the site is back up, except for the missing sidebar to the left. During the MR downtime, many of my friends and myself came up with some conspiracy theories:

  • Some hardcore Islamaphobes didn’t like my site, since I’m showing how peaceful and cool a Muslim can be, especially with my T-Pain post.
  • Some hardcore extremist wasabis tried to put an end the takfirs of shaykh Hamza (astagfirAllah) in the comments here which were making them look bad.
  • MSA National didn’t like my Independent Study.

These are all false! They are not true! The reason my site was down, was becuase my host couldn’t handle the amount of hits, pageloads, and memory usage that was incoming into my site, so it went down.

So basically, I’m most likely contemplating to change my host.

7 Replies to “MR was down last night and this morning”

  1. no, it was none of that. former msa members who wanted you elected but since you cant be on since you be graduating took out their anger on your site

  2. your site went down, cos your dad made dua that you spend more time studying and stop wasting time on this site

  3. Salaam,

    Please tell your dad you site is important. Tell your dad your site gave me links to other places and my life is better because of it. Thanks to your radio …I have made contact with some wonderful people from all around the world. Don’t ask how…i bumbled from one youtube to the next and I am very pleased.
    Besides, you are a Muslim and you will do very well in your studies…think of all the Muslims you help. Tell mom another mother-type thinks you are a great son.

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