Imam Suhaib Webb Joins Al-Maghrib Institute [Updates: 1]

UPDATE: Kevin Garnett to the Celtics! Suhaib Webb to al-Maghrib!

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef has announced Al-Maghrib’s newest instructor, Shaykh Suhaib Webb. I can’t believe it! A madhab-following, tasawwuf-loving, al-Azhar scholar joining AlMaghrib Institute? SubhanAllah! He’s also listed as a SunniPath teacher! This might be a break of a new era in the North American ummah!

Looks like, MR will be taking some Al-Maghrib classes!

Imam Suhaib Webb – Lectures, Videos, Fatwas, Articles

SunniPath Answers from Imam Suhaib Webb:


Vidoes of Imam Suhaib Webb:

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The Korean Missionaries In Afghanistan & The Possible Reasons Why The Taliban Did What They Did

So you probably can see I took down my previous post talking about how the Taliban were wrong for kidnapping the 23 Koreans. The reason being was that someone commented a link to the above video which made me conclude that this could have been a reason of why they did it. Knowing how Muslims behave (Danish cartoon incident), this would obviously piss off many Muslims and the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan.

The importance of not jumping to conclusions and saying things out of context

I myself am at fault for this. I read the story of how the 23 Koreans were kidnapped and the state of there health from various news reports (unbiased reports according to me). It is very hard to get the most precise and unbiased news reports from areas like Afghanistan and Iraq. Sometimes it’s hard to pick sides or even see what is right and what is wrong. As Muslims we are taught to give our brothers and sisters the benefit of doubt to them for there bad deeds, but we are also taught to promote good and condemn injustice and evils of this world. What exactly is the benefit of doubt and who defines what is injustice and evil whether it is done by Muslims or non-Muslims, it’s hard to tell. Only Allah knows in many cases.

In conclusion, I take back some of the things I said about the Taliban, becuase although I believe they did some things wrong, I have no right assuming bad things about them, because in reality, if my children were in that video saying those things, I don’t know what I’d do.

May Allah (swt) protect the innocent, reveal the truth and punish the oppressors either in this life or the next life. Ameen!

Dave Chappelle to Join “Allah Made Me Funny” Tour [Update]

Update: Join us in LA for the live Movie Taping @ the Heritage Forum.
Saturday, August 25, 2007 (8pm show)
Heritage Forum
201 E. Broadway Ave., Anaheim, CA
Tickets are $15 each
Featuring: Dave Chappelle, Azhar Usman, Preacher Moss and others!

Yes, you heard it from MR first! Our brother in Islam, Dave Chappelle will be joining Preacher Moss, Azhar Usman and the rest of the “Allah Made Me Funny” brothers to do a comedy-concert type of movie.

Here are the details:

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