Gone to the ICNA-MAS Convention!

InshaAllah, I’ll be at the ICNA-MAS Convention this weekend at Hartford, CT.

If you are not able to attend the convention, some of the programs will be broad casted live on the internet here.

4 Replies to “Gone to the ICNA-MAS Convention!”

  1. Assalaatu wa salaam alaika ya Rasoolullah!

    Assalaamu dear brother in Islam:

    I just started my own blog, called the Islamic Revival, perhaps you can help me jumpstart it, I think it is going to be quite successful, insha Allah Taala.

    So when you return from your jalsa if you have the time I request you check it out. Right now I have three entries, but I’m currently working on adding a few more.

    May Allah Taala give you a rewarding experience and grant you beneficial knowledge from your jalsa. Ameen.


  2. YO SON! I WAS THERE! i wish we had met up. ima holla at u b4 hand next time at the next convention. had mad izm and was chillin out in hartford

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