8 Replies to “Nouman Ali Khan – Why Study Arabic & How?”

  1. Salaam u’alaikoem

    are these sites


    okey because I see that they have books, the only problem is that
    there are a lot of group of people who say they are muslim
    but they are misquided. I want to know more about islam but I want
    to know which books to read. Books which are good to read not the ones what guide me to another path.
    I want to follow the path of our Profet Mohammad (saw)

    Insjallah somebody can tell me which books to read and which not
    it will be very handy if someone can give some names of writers
    so that I do a search online.

    Barak Allahoe feek

  2. Asalam-o-Alikum,

    Need Br. Noman Lectures for his course ” Fundamentals of Classical Arabic “. Just wondering if any one can upload the recordings of his 10 days lectures.

    I am out of USA and wish to take advantage of his teaching methodology and course.




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