Why Gambling is Stupid

My friends and I were driving through Harlem yesterday night looking for the Malcolm X masjid. Instead we came upon a carnival with bright lights and rides, so we decided to check it out. It was okay, not that exciting. What was extrodinary and interesting was to see people put money into these slot machines (I think that’s what they are called) in the attempt to get around $50 to $70.

The way the machine worked was that, you have to drop a quarter in the machine and then it lands onto one level knocking the other quarters down like a domino effect until it causes such a force that it knocks the stack of quarters and some $20 bills off the edge into the jackpot. I checked out the edge where the stash was leaning over and it seemed that it was taped up in there pretty well. We watched an old lady and another woman continuously drop quarter after quarter after quarter thinking they were going to win. The must have dropped at least $5 worth of coins into the machine and yet the stash wasn’t moving at all.

My good friend Adam then said, “This is why Gambling is haram. It’s for stupid people.”

Think of dunya as the slot machine and jannah is just beyond it. Why waste your time with the slot machine (dunya) and taking so much time and effort in trying to get the stash (riches and desires in dunya), when all you can do is just walk past the machines (pass through dunya and enter jannah for the real riches and desires).

Our desires are so easy to get in this world, but it’s not worth it. Because no matter how much you spend to earn it, you’ll ultimately end up wanting more. If you want Allah and jannah, you’ll always be successful in this world (even with tribulations) and ultimately gain the best jackpot ever: jannah.

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  1. What I find amazing is how many old people use slot machines. If they did win, what the hell are they going to do with the money anyway!? Buy new teeth? Maybe a pet? Maybe try to win over their children who didn’t give a damn about them anymore? Or to top it off.. maybe gamble it all away.

    Only God knows.

  2. Just out of interest – did you guys give any dawah to these gamblers? Just curious that’s all.

  3. LOL i love how the story started with going to a masjid but ending up in a carnival .. many stories have ended this way 🙁

  4. u shud post about the nba ref (tom donoghy) who was fixing the over/under for nba games (allegedly)

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