Busta Rhymes is Muslim!

And not a 5 percenter. Proof: Busta praises God instead of himself. Five percenters believe man is god.

May Allah guide him and forgive him. Ameen!

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  1. As far as I know Busta has not explicitly stated he has left the 5%’ers, insha Allah he has or may Allah guide him to the truth. But to say this short video clip somehow “proves” he has abandoned the 5%er beliefs is far fetched. And I agree with some of the commentators above this kind of post is bordering on obsessiveness with celebrity Muslim references.

    He may or may have not converted, if he did alhamdulillah, if he didn’t you look kinda stupid.

  2. really…you people need to understand that it is upon Allah to judge. It is not for you to sit here and bash person because he sins…all of us sin and we ask allah to forgive our sins. Akon…and all these guys are sining publicly…but to gage his usefulness as a muslim because you see him sining…is really not your place. Consequently…we should be worried about our standing with Allah…and not how someone else’s afterlife will be affected by their sins…if you are not giving that person nasiha…then sitting here blasting them about their sins is idle talk…if a person is muslim…and he is sining…and you cant reach out to him/her…make du’a for them and focus on your own tawbah first…

    SMH at muslims always trying to display whats wrong with another muslim…which is not according to the sunnah of the Prophet(saw) some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. tottally agree with malik. This blog is great community for us, muslims, thanks to the administrators for gathering us around. and, as hafsa asked, what does the arabic lyrics in busta’s new song mean ?
    thank you & have a nice day 😀

  4. I don’t get it. Why do you care if he’s s Muslim or not? Isn’t a man judged by his actions rather than words?

  5. Salam Alaikom brothers and sisters I’m not enough religious, but I’d like to ask about the song Arab Money of Busta rhymes, and what does it mean, if he’s a real Muslim, also we saw the remix of this song with T-pain , Akon … and so on, and they sing it by the Surrah of Al-Fatiha is this Islam?

  6. look I’ve been hearing all that talking about busta criticizing him already ?????
    give the guy a chance he still a fragile heart in islam and know tow things
    1 it takes a lot of guts,intallegnce and open minded mentality to take this step and we as muslims should be alies and supporter ?????(what els)?????????
    2 he didn’t do this song(arab money) out of disrespet but he thought it will be something good so hhe wann’t meaing disrespect but just didn’t knew the limits(being a new muslim) witch is OK .

    and for fuck sake stop nagging him and his action and try do help or support or keep silent .
    we should be brothers helping each other and enpowering each other to do good not just waiting for one of us to trip to critisize him endlessly
    shame on you people calling him “fasiq” it’s only for god almighty to decide such a thing and if he was so, our position should be to make good-doing easier by moral support and wishing him the best of luck cuz if u say that he is a ‘fasiq’ you are NOT helping him in any way yet u will drive him to do more bad things or put his spirit down and that is my friends is ‘fisq’ driving prople of GOD way because of our stupit atittude
    finally I would like us all to remember the prophet muhamed’s atittude(PBUH) of the jew who lived next door and alway put trash in front the prophet’s home he didn’t call him names or retaliated in any way but he visited him in him sickness and did will to him while the jew did bad to him so the jew in that point relized how worng he was and said ‘I bare witness that threre’s only one god and you are his nessenger” he converted him by high morals witch we all mess disparately.
    best of luck to all of you

  7. As Salaamu Alaikum

    Busta still refers to himself as God in new songs released in 2009(respect my conglomerate). If he is Muslim then he has associated partners with Allah which we all know is shirk. What muslim would submit through shahadah and then call himself God? A muslim who stepped out of the fold Islam into kufr.

    This shouldn’t even be an issue. I am a Muslim and I hold no allegiance nor wish the best to anyone who associates partners with Allah. Shirk is the point of no return…May Allah be severe in His punishment on him. Ameen.

    There are many muslims in the entertainment industry such as Mos Def, Jimmy Henchmen, Tragedy Khadafi, Dave Chapelle and that’s cool but none of those brothers are role models for the youth nor are they exemplerary examples of Muslims for nonMuslims.

    Our examples start at Rasullah (saw) , then his wives and companion (may allah be pleased with them), then the scholars who have devoted their entire lives to gaining an understanding of the Quran to teach others and that’s all.

    May Allah make us all of those He will be pleased with on the Last Day and may He be severe in punish to all those who ascribe partners to Him, Ameen.

  8. Anyhow, a muslim or not, I couldnt care less! it doesnt give him the right to talk about Islam at least not the way he did in his (arab money). plus he’s not the model to represent Islam. so I assure u there are no (hurrays) for him being a muslim or not!

  9. Asalamualaikum,

    Some brothers were making the point above, “Why are Muslims getting so hung up about celebrity Muslims.”

    There’s nothing wrong with being excited about popular conversions. Allah has made some humans more influential then others. There’s nothing wrong with hoping that influential people become Muslims. Their dawah is stronger then “Ahmed down the street”, by virtue of their instant access to many many people (even if they lack much knowledge).

    Our beloved Prophet(SAW) was very cognizant of the influential members of Mecca and Medina. He even made a dua for Allah to bring one of the 2 Omers to Islam (Abu Jahl or H.Umar ibn Khattab). He picked the two of them, because they were both very high ranking Qureish.


  10. Oh, so he’s a “muslim” that explains everything, adn it means he can have degrading music videos concerning islam,muslims, and arabs. yeah, that TOTALLY gives him the excuse to dishonor allah’s words by using verses from teh Quran in his song and say disrespectful stuff in his song. NOT!!!!! He’s an idiot and it really angers me that people say he’s a muslim. i’m not trying to say any of us (including me) is the best muslim and is true and all that, but you know what, atleast i try, and i don’t drink alcohol, and commit sins, pray namaz (salaat) five times a day adn read the holy Quran. so you know what, that’s when you can say “I am a muslim” because i have been true to my deen, and i have been trying to be a good muslim, because taht’s what you do when you’re a muslim, you give all of your life and day to islam, becuase its a way of life, and it prepares you for teh afterlife. that’s why i don’t care what he says, about how he wasn’t trying to come off as offensive, but you know what? it is, it really is offensive and it pisses lots of muslims off including me.

  11. look sister hijabi first of all i thinlkI owe you an apology and i hope you accept it.
    you see all what you said is the truth not what I siad (i agree) but you have to understand that i’ve been so pist at muslims being militant why islam is so kind and loving religion and way of life these people are giving us a bad name and all I’m asking that we don’t drive people way with our atittude that generaly express our ignorace not the principe of our beautyful religion so the message is we need to filter our actions and lokk twice to the way we dispalay our ideas not to deliver the wrong immersion about our ISLAM .
    thank you all specially sister hijabi and rahsa and brother Hazim for the comment i appreaciate it (really)
    may the lord bless us all to find the way of truth all times.

  12. Salam to all my brothers and sisters

    my question is …why are we Muslims Get so excited when a celebrity becomes muslim? dancing with girls half naked ..is that what a muslim should represent ? even if he is a muslim ..so what man..he is just a another brother ..he is no higher than a muslim on the street… we should treat everyone equal..no matter who they are.

  13. btw if busta is a muslim y would he sing this song:arab money just hear it its a discrase to muslims!!!!!!!

  14. Some people are excited for Muslim rappers because they can possibly convert young listeners to Islam. I suppose a handful of bright individuals would do so as part of their huge effort to be as hip as their idols. Most of you may end up approving 2% of these kids but can at least applaud them for joining your heaven (or hell , if any worse than arab money).

  15. I just wanna say…
    give thanks to Allah…
    for the moon and the stars
    prays in all day full,
    what is and what was
    take hold of your iman
    dont givin to shaitan
    oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah…

    if u not believe…
    just say thanks…

  16. Praise be to Allah he is Muslim it would be better if he is the Nation Islam it is the best type of Islam in the world it is the only type of Islam you should follow because it teaches knowledge of self

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