NYC Public Schools replace Muslim Prinicpal of an “Arabic-Themed” School with a Zionist Jew

Basically, the title says it all. Shout out to who wrote about it here and said:

The principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy, the yet-to-open “Arabic-themed” school in Brooklyn, Debbie al-Montaser (an Arab Muslim) resigned about a week ago under intense pressure from critics…

…guess who they replaced Debbie with? “The new principal of the city’s controversial Arabic-themed school is an ardent Zionist who considered moving to Israel, according to her former Jerusalem roommate.”

What you must do right now:

  1. Write to Joel Klein, the NYC Department of Education Chancellor, expressing your disgust at his department’s decision Use this link:
    FYI, Klein is the same person who banned the director of Columbia University’s Middle East Institute, Professor Rashid Khalidi, from participating in a NYC school teachers’ training on the Middle East because of his criticism of Israel, and the one who approved a curriculum that grants graduate credit to NYC teachers who take a 30-hour course of study on Israel, written by the Israeli Consulate.
  2. Call the NYC Department of Education and speak to the Chancellor about it. Tel No. (718) 935-2000
    Debbie contacts are: Email: Phone: 718-643-8000
  4. See the summary and video of the influence of the Israeli lobby below.
  5. Buy the book on the “Israel Lobby”. It is only $15.60 and you get free shipping on Amazon.
  6. Make sure you spread the word about #4 and #5 to to your non-Muslim friends and aquaintances. Using a book by two American Professors is a little “easier” and you can’t be accused of bias!

2 Replies to “NYC Public Schools replace Muslim Prinicpal of an “Arabic-Themed” School with a Zionist Jew”

  1. Respect MR, but I’m going to have to criticize the tone of this post. I think it’s right to show support for the school and one can also show support for Almontaser and everyone ought to. However, one can do so w/o bringing up vague references to the Jewish principal, Danielle Salzberg, “a zionist who wanted to once move to israel??” SO WHAT?? Do you know any religious jews that DONT want to move to israel? It’s like a feeling they have! Alot muslims want to move to a muslim country but does that mean they are bad people or terrorists?? That’s a ridiculous reason to deny her principality of a school, especially given that the school is not supposed to be religious (it’s named after the christian poet). Her presence might actually soften the attacks from alot of people and help keep this school OPEN. By the way, she also helped design the cirriculum at the school and was part of an organization that promoted the idea of the school and set it up in the first place and happens to be very liberal. lets lay off these labels as if they mean anything.

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