Aman Ali – Hijabs and Palestine

Comedian Aman Ali has released a hilarious music video entitled Hijabs and Palestine. It’s a parody of the “typical nasheed”. He’s going to be at ISNA performing some comedy for all those ISNA 2007-goers (I’m not going).

Here are the lyrics:

Hijabs and Palestine
My favorite country and fabric so fine
Hijabs and Palestine
If I write this song, maybe I can find a wife


I wanna go to Palestine, and I hope it rocks
And if I sing good enough, I’ll find my goldilocks
Mom’s on my case, “Beta be an engineer!”
“You can marry anyone you want, just look at all your peers!”
But I’m a singer, what! Livin a single life.
I dress like a college kid… but I’m 35.

I wanna go, gotta go, wanna go to Palestine
But I really need, so desperately, a wife.
I tried Naseeb, and a lead, on
So I write this song, sing along!
And introduce me to your mom πŸ™‚

(Chorus 2x)

20 Replies to “Aman Ali – Hijabs and Palestine”

  1. I can safely say that anyone who finds this video remotely funny needs to go kill themselves…This guy is worse than Kashif Memon on Americas got talent!

  2. yea i gotta say, that could have been funny but it wasnt very tasteful. I dont think its respectful to try to pull humor out of the fact that there are a lot of artist out there that are trying to bring attention to the real struggle of the palestinian people, i’m not palestinian so im not being biased. I just think if we were living in a camp under occupation we would find it offensive that ppl elsewhere would take anything that remotely related to our situation and brought attnt to our underpublicized real life struggle, and use in a comedical way. For ex, I’m from New Orleans and I know if someone were to do that about all the hype that surrounded hurricane Katrina I would find it very offensive and disrespectful to those who suffered and are still suffering. Creativity and a sense of a humor are great masha’Allah within respectful limits…

  3. i think that it was a neat idea, and i think that to address what bintsaudia said, after awhile when people beat an issue to death and do a song about something because it’s just a requirement of the genre, it’s a problem. alot of these hijab and palestine songs either seem very thoughtless or even kinda exploitative, it does feel as though people know that it will sell. people that listen to nasheed don’t need to hear another song about hijabs and pious ladies and palestine, they need to read a book or do something constructive. that said, other than the cute mom smiling, this video has virtually no redeeming value in its final form. great ideas do not great videos/songs make.

  4. Salams, I’m the one who actually did the video. By no means whatsoever am I trying to ridicule the struggle of the Palestinian people. What I’m poking fun at rather are the artists that seem to pander to Muslim audiences by talking about Palestine and Muslim women (of course, Allah knows best their intentions).

    I think the criticism given to my video is legitimate, but try not to take the video so seriously. i’m running around in the video on a Razor Scooter for heaven’s sake.

    I sent it to many of the artists who I’m making fun of, and they all got a kick out of it. If it is deemed as offensive, and I can understand how someone would get offended, it’s not intentional whatsoever.

  5. ya Aman, big props for taking all the comments on ur work so nicely masha’Allah, and caring to clarify your intent rather than getting defensive or annoyed, that calls for respect. May Allah reward u n all the artist for the benefit from yalls work, ameen.

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