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From SufiStication:

SunniPath is pleased to announce the first women’s online conference under the theme “Reconnecting with Our Purpose in Life,” which will take place September 8, insha’Allah. It is $25 per registration and you can broadcast it to as many people as you would like. This is a great opportunity and a wonderful deal.

From the SunniPath Blog:


Session 1:
Our Purpose in Life
Ustadha Zaynab Ansari
10am-12pm EST / 2-4pm GMT

Session 2:
Muslim Women Through History
Ustadha Noura Shamma
2-3:30pm EST / 6-7:30pm GMT

Session 3:
The Prophet’s Love for Women
Shaykh Abdul-Kareem Yahya
4-5:30pm EST / 8-9:30pm GMT

The first session will focus on understanding our primary role in life and how this primary purpose influences the numerous secondary roles we may find ourselves in at different stages in our lives. Session two will illustrate some of the many role models we as wives, mothers, daughters, professionals, students, or activists have, so that we can bring the light of these women back into our homes and communities. The final session will focus on how we as women have been honored by Allah and His Messenger.

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