18 Replies to “$1 US equal to $1.03 CA”

  1. This is also one of the reasons why the US invaded Iraq.
    No not because the canadian dollar is almost the same as the US dollar, but because the US economy is no longer the best. It usually true that the country that has the best economy is usually the geatest super power of the world. US invasion of Iraq was to control the Energy/Oil Market in the middle east.

    .50 British pounds = 1 US dollar
    .75 Euros = 1 US dollar
    1.1 Swiss Frank = 1 US Dollar
    1.2 Australian Dollar = 1 US Dollar
    7 Yuan (Chinese) = 1 US dollar // China’s economy is growing very fast. At the rate they are growing the will surpass the US’s economy.

  2. 😀 aaww yeah!
    O my fellow Canadians, make du’aa that the dollars will be this closely matched around Eid time and then head down to the closes outlet mall across the border!

    MR, thank you for the French sign, it feels like home.

  3. Dude. Obviously I’m feeling the strength of the motherland’s “Loonie Toonies,” but it’s Ramadan, this expatriate canuck is stuck in Florida and you put up a picture of Tim Horton’s, the nearest one of which is 732 miles away? Not cool, Akhi. Not cool.

  4. Salam,

    Obaida, I too am an expatriate canuck in Florida, and miss Timmy’s dearly.

    But gotta love the rising loonie though. Really helped when I saved up to go to medschool down here.

    Rock on, Canadian economy! Al-Hamdulillaah!

    The only thing that really sucks is that for those unable to enter the United States, this news is agony. Especially when you’re an American-malls-addict.
    (Or so say the people I know, who fit the above category.)

  6. salam,

    yeah…Canada’s like the only country I haven’t been to

    from what I hear, I’m “missing out” on a lot

    what’s up there anyway? (other than Tim Horton’s and maple trees?)

  7. Anwer:
    Beaver tails. Not REAL beaver tails… it’s a kind of dessert – fried dough w/ cinnamon and brown sugar. Mmmmmmmmmmm! You also get the salty version (sour cream and onion).

  8. A strong Canadian dollar is not good for the canadian Manufacturing sector..i.e. more expensive for American clients…The Canadian dollar is strong becuase of the natural resources like oil and metals ores..etc..

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