Establish the Khilafah on your PC

I love video games, especially computer games. I also like games that require lots of thinking like StarCraft, WarCraft I,II, & II, Medieval II: Total War, Civilizaion 2, 3, & 4, etc. You get the point. I use to love playing Sim City as well, but I haven’t played it in years. Until now. Coming November 2007, a Sim City unlike no other. A Sim City where you control the society as well as the city. Meaning you choose the governmnet, the beliefs of the people, there freedoms, etc.

Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity Societies allows you to create your own kinds of cities and shape their cultures and environments. Make your cities green or polluted, contemporary or futuristic, rural or urban. Create an artistic society or a police state, an industrial city or a spiritual community—or any society you want!

In other words, you can establish a digital Islamic state! Check out the preview here:

Check out more at

17 Replies to “Establish the Khilafah on your PC”

  1. Nice, Masha’Allah. Does it allow the player to create a new Masjid across the street from another Masjid if the virtual congregants disagree on the number of Rak’ahs for Witr or who to follow for Ramadan/Eid? That’s an absolute requirement for an Islamic-Sim to be considered realistic.

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  3. Yeah, I bought this game thinking it was going to be a nice diversion.

    Big waste of money. Like someone said above, you gotta have a SUPERB pc for it to work. My computer is pretty good (or at least I thought it was) but SimCity Societies won’t work on it.

    By the way, my computer has a Pentium DualCore processor. I’ve never had any problem playing any game on this bad boy. Until this one.

    It comes on, but the entire screen is a dark gray, and it moves VERY…VERY…VERY…SLOOOoooowwww……”snore…

    Sorry; almost fell asleep waiting for SimCity Societies to move. Absolutely the worst SimCity game to come out so far, and I’ve played them all.

    And even for those with the best computers in the world who do get to play the game, I’ve heard some horrible reviews for it.

    If you wanna establish the Caliphate online, get Civilzation III complete and choose Abu Bakr.

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