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Islam haters are also racist!

Tariq Nelson says:

I have often stated that anti-Muslim bigots are ALSO anti-black. The following two posts from the same source further prove my point

This post is anti Muslim and calls for the complete banning Islam in the US (ala Dave Gaubatz), then the very next post you see this anti-black racist drivel. The crime they describe is heinous for sure, but they try to pin it on the fact that blacks are “on the left side of the bell curve” (READ: inherently less intelligent and inferior)

Part of their thesis is the blacks in jail accept Islam because they are “physically powerful, mentally deficient, and morally depraved”. In other words, they accept Islam because they are not intelligent. This is part of the thesis by white supremacist/anti-Muslim groups such as SANE (Society of Americans for National Existence). Do you see how this is not only a shot at blacks, but on Islam itself?

One of the things that need to be pointed out regularly to non-Muslims is that these people not only are LIARS but racists who mean no good to anyone other than themselves.

See also this post at my blog

Like Preacher Moss once said, “I’m Muslim and Black! I get two tickets!” (or something like that).

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