Halo Nights in Churches

Shaykh Faraz posted a link to a New York Times article talking about how pastors and priests in America are using Halo, a popular video game for X Box and X Box 360, to attract young people to come to church. For those who don’t know what Halo is: basically you have guns and you kill people (the enemy). You snipe people in the hed, leg, hand, butt, or wherever you can aim. You spray them with 100s of bullets until they die. You throw grenades at them or stick them with sticky grenades. You blow there bodies up into pieces with a rocket launcher. And my personal favorite you slice them with a sword. Yes this game is graphic and violent. It’s rated M for mature audience only.

The New York Times article titled it: “Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in a Popular Video Game at Church“.

If we were to have a Halo night at a masjid or MSA, the news headline would probably be along the lines of “Young Muslim men train for Jihad using violent video game at Mosque“.

I feel like having a Halo night at our MSA for Eid. Anyone down? Anyone have Halo 3 and X Box 360 they can bring?

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  1. Buddy…I’ve seen bros in my masjid playing Tekken and whatnot. By the way, videogames is for geeks. You guys should have wrestling in the masjid instead–that’s for MEN :D. Even in the Prophet’s Masjid (SAAWS) the Sahaba used to wrestle.

  2. I think this is wrong. Many religions/demoninations have stooped to worldly things in order to attract or keep members. Not good in my opinion.

  3. You’re right that people would be upset if they had a game night at MSA, because that game would most likely involve eliminating Jews.

  4. This type of action shows the desperation of Christians and other religions for that matter in trying to keep adherents to their religion. As we all know, Islam is currently the fastest growing religion due to its merits and truth, and we do not need, nor want, to use such desperate measures in getting people to go to masjids.

    I agree with MR that if Masjids did something stupid like this, the media would misconstrue it to show that Islam teaches killing and hatred and that the people were practicing jihad as they wrongly understand it.

    BTW, I enjoy Halo myself and my favorite thing to do is one-shot players with the sniper. 🙂

  5. well yea on live sure…everything goes.

    the “graphic-ness” of halo is so fantastical (?) that it is almost childish.

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