I am Muslim!

Wonderful video from MAS. May Allah (swt) give them success in their dawah efforts. Muslim pride! Praise be to God!
Source: viaTasbeeh

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  1. subhanAllah! “my name is Muhammad!..” lol…its actually mustafa gattorlari, the current rutgers-newark msa president

  2. I was expecting something cheesy (sorry I’m a hater like that :() BUT That was really well made! Ma sha’Allah.

  3. muslims didnt invent the number system – the hindus did – Muslims just brought it over to europe.

    owh man…i love this video…i wish i could have one…about the guy in this video…i really love to know him..i wish i could..INSYA-ALLAH..just pray that we’ll meet someday…AMIN…..

  5. It’s educational and hilarious at the same time. LOL

    He also reminds me of my Greek friend. So funny.

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