Yasmin Elhady Makes it on the CNN YouTube Republican Debate

Yasmin Elhady has also come under attack because of this. You can read about here. Please make dua for her, inshaAllah.

Regarding the video, Guiliani was smart. He said Islam was a great religion but will keep on fighting Islamic terrorism. Mr. Guiliani, it’s not Islamic terrorism, it’s Muslim terrorism. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

MR is back!

Alhamdulillah! I successfully switched hosts without any major complications. I have more space, more bandwidth, and for less money! Woohoo!

MR Radio will be unavailable until tonight at 11 PM, inshaAllah!

Terrorist Group in Uganda

Have you heard of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)? There leader Joseph Kony wants to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and the Holy Bible. It all started in the late 80s and still continues to this day. His army has abducted more than 20,000 innocent children and forced them to fight in the war and be the slaves of his officers. These children over decades have been victims of the most outrageous crimes from rape to mutilation and it has only gotten attention in 2003 when 3 young Americans went and filmed Invisible Children.

It is strange that we hardly see anything about this group of terrorists. After seeing this video (below), I personally believe that out of all the terrorists in the world, these are the worse. Anyone who uses children like this deserves Hell. Ameen!
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Islam & Mermaids

Note: This is not mockery towards any scholar or any Muslim. Just read, laugh/smile and move on, inshaAllah!

The Ruling on Eating Mermaids

Is there any such thing as a mermaid?.

Praise be to Allaah.

A mermaid is a creature that lives in water and looks like a human. As to whether it really exists or it is a mythical being, that is subject to further discussion.
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Voting is 100% Halal

…for this poll. Read below for details:

From Aman Ali, Baba Ali and another Ali:

Asalam alaikum. We’re about to launch something so exciting, it might make
you lose your wudhu.

The world’s fastest growing Muslim comedians are set to launch a brand new comedy tour that is set to rock the entertainment industry. This is going to be unlike any comedy show you’ve seen before – No more of the same old comics you’ve seen over and over again.

Inshallah we’re putting together a standup comedy show that will be jam packed with live sketches, high energy improv and cutting edge comedy that you can’t get anywhere else.

But we’ve been banging our heads against the wall these past couple of weeks trying to figure out a name to really capture the energy that this tour will unleash. So since it’s going to be you guys who will help make this tour a success, we figure we’d let you guys decide.

Vote for your favorite name here:


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Has Halal Tube benefited you?

The Halal Tube team is asking all its viewers to send them feedback on how Halal Tube has helped them by typing, recording, or video comments:

Tell us anything and everything! We love feedback! You can post your responses in this post by submitting a comment. If you can’t type it all out and feel you can talk it out better, then record yourself and email us the audio file. We’ll listen to it and post it up for others to hear. If you’re really media-savvy and your not a shy person, then you can make a video and upload it to YouTube or Google video and comment the video link to us. We’ll check it out and post it!

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Jewish Terrorists

Warning: Contains foul language.

Christians and Muslims are both treated like this in Palestine/Israel by Zionist Jews.

May God bring peace to the holy land and protect the innocent. Ameen!

Prince Among Slaves

This is a very interesting documentary film that will be aired on PBS in February. It features Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir. There is also a preview of it in DC. Tariq Nelson has more about it and more videos here.

F.B.I. says Blackwater Guards killed 14 Iraqis for no reason

Good job FBI! I appreciate this work and fully support it. Blackwater is a group of thugs in Iraq doing whatever they want unsupervised.

Investigators said Blackwater guards might have felt endangered by a third, and unidentified, Iraqi who was killed nearby. But the investigators determined that the subsequent shootings of 14 Iraqis, some of whom were shot while fleeing the scene, were unprovoked.

In other words, they started shooting randomly at Iraqis trying to run from being shot at.

A separate military review of the Sept. 16 shootings concluded that all of the killings were unjustified and potentially criminal. One of the military investigators said the F.B.I. was being generous to Blackwater in characterizing any of the killings as justifiable.

Don’t be generous! Get em good! Get those criminal Blackwater [insert not so nice word]!

Full article at New York Times.

Increase your vocabulary & donate rice at the same time!

This is a really cool site and it is legit. Basically for every vocabulary word you get right, the companies that sponsor FreeRice will donate 10 grains of rice. So far they have donated over a billion grains of rice.

I’ll update on the highest level I get up to. Post your highest level that you attain!

Update: I can’t get past 23 without cheating. In other words, my vocab is horrible. Hopefully with this site, I’ll improve. According to them after a few days of using the site, you’ll start using words you never used before.

Update 2: I got up to 28. This site is astonishing. I’m learning new words. It’s such an exhilarating and reviving method of increasing one’s intellectual capacity of words.

Update 3: I got up to 35. It’s really addictive