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There are so many different Muslim forums across the Internet. Many of them have different themes or goals. Many of them focus on a specific theological background or a specific interpretation of Islam. Others are extremely open for all types of Muslims. Many of them are the center of heated debates amongst Muslims and cause people to get headaches and tears. Many of these forums are being watched due to some of its members posting and discussing controversial subjects. Some of them even go as far as to share vivid images and videos of graphic and mature content.

The worldwide online Muslim community is about to experience something totally different. An all exclusive online forum dedicated to only one topic: Sports.

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The only Muslim forum dedicated to discussing sports.

No madhab fighting. No salafi-sufi debates. No “Is Music Halal?” threads. No shia or sunni online wars. No bashing scholars.

Why Sports Halaqah?

Aren’t there sports forums out there already? Yes, but they have a not-so-halal environment. They talk about sports, but also discuss women, post pictures, videos, advertise haram items/events and other fitna. Sports Halaqah is a clean forum dedicated to all Muslims who love sports and want to discuss it others.


Sports Halaqah can also serve as dawah. One thing sports does for Muslims is bring many different types together. You can have a fistful length bearded brother and a clean-shaven, clubbin’ Muslim on the forum, but both will be talking and discussing there favorite sports team or a game and get along fine. The Muslims who are confused about Islam, we’ll realize, “hey, these big bearded brothers are cool after all!”. Not only is it potential dawah to lost Muslims, but also non-Muslims. They will be shocked to find a Muslim forum dedicated to talking about sports and not jihad for a change. Maybe some Islam hater will join in on the discussion. Who knows!

I’m asking all my Muslim brothers and sisters who are into sports, whatever it may be, to join the forum and relax your mind from your busy lives and enjoy yourselves with some sports discussion. It ain’t haram (unless your missing salah or some obligatory act).

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  1. masha’Allah, this is a really good initiative!
    May Allah accept it from you and put barakah in your efforts. Ameen.

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