The End - 2000 to 2009

Increase your vocabulary & donate rice at the same time!

This is a really cool site and it is legit. Basically for every vocabulary word you get right, the companies that sponsor FreeRice will donate 10 grains of rice. So far they have donated over a billion grains of rice.

I’ll update on the highest level I get up to. Post your highest level that you attain!

Update: I can’t get past 23 without cheating. In other words, my vocab is horrible. Hopefully with this site, I’ll improve. According to them after a few days of using the site, you’ll start using words you never used before.

Update 2: I got up to 28. This site is astonishing. I’m learning new words. It’s such an exhilarating and reviving method of increasing one’s intellectual capacity of words.

Update 3: I got up to 35. It’s really addictive

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