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…for this poll. Read below for details:

From Aman Ali, Baba Ali and another Ali:

Asalam alaikum. We’re about to launch something so exciting, it might make
you lose your wudhu.

The world’s fastest growing Muslim comedians are set to launch a brand new comedy tour that is set to rock the entertainment industry. This is going to be unlike any comedy show you’ve seen before – No more of the same old comics you’ve seen over and over again.

Inshallah we’re putting together a standup comedy show that will be jam packed with live sketches, high energy improv and cutting edge comedy that you can’t get anywhere else.

But we’ve been banging our heads against the wall these past couple of weeks trying to figure out a name to really capture the energy that this tour will unleash. So since it’s going to be you guys who will help make this tour a success, we figure we’d let you guys decide.

Vote for your favorite name here:

The show features:

* Baba Ali*. YouTube sensation in Los Angeles and one of the upcoming stars in the Muslim world today. The creative mind behind Ummah Film’s “The Reminder” series, his comedy videos have racked up over 2.8 million hits on YouTube alone. He’s in high demand from colleges all across the country and is internationally acclaimed with hit appearances on the some of the world’s largest networks.

*Aman Ali*. Standup comedian in New York City and the one of the funniest Muslim comedians in the world. A regular at New York City’s best comedy clubs and featured performer at the biggest Islamic Conferences all around the world. Performed with Allah Made Me Funny, Native Deen, Dawud Wharnsby and some of the world’s other top Islamic artists.

*Asif Ali*. Grand prize winner of the 2007 University of Illinois Comedy Festival and finalist for the HBO Lucky 21 Comedy Festival, Asif Ali has entertained hundreds all over the US. As a regular performer at the top comedy clubs, Asif is a hand picked favorite from some of the top comics working today. He’s been featured on NBC Universal and many comedy short films. Recognized for his art of storytelling and unique stage personalities, he continues to bring people from all over the world together thru comedy.

11 Replies to “Voting is 100% Halal”

  1. I liked the ‘Funnymentalist’ one because it was more catchier than the rest. But then I thought they all sounded a little too long. They’re ‘names’ not ‘sentences and/or paragraphs’. Like ‘The Muslim Funnymentalist Comedy Tour’ sounds too long and not fluid enough. Maybe scrap the ‘Muslim’ bit, but then the whole name loses purpose?

  2. I think the tour is a hot idea, but the names aren’t so appealing, i would expect something better from those three when comes to choosing a more funny and capturing name.

  3. I love the idea!
    I hope they’re better than the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour… I watched it on Comedy Central and was NOT overly impressed by their stuff. But insha’Allah the Muslim Funnymentalists (what I voted for) will do really well in both the Muslim community and the mainstream media!

  4. Sounds like a whack idea to me
    I’ve seen tons of “muslim comedians” (allah made me funny,tinku patel)
    and yo islam and comedy–oxymoron. Nothing can be funny and halal at the same time. Those that do have the audience can tell its danecookforcedlaughter. Isn’t there something in the Quran/Hadith against or not recommending the show business/entertainment? Idk. Reminds me of the Minister that did a remix of the song “baby got back” and made “baby got book(bible)” good idea/concept but religion/comedy is close to impossible to work something that would have the average person laughing would probably be “prohibited” or “violating” a hadith/Quran Verse. No hate-Just my opinion.

  5. This is very exciting. I’ve worked with Aman Ali a few times and he’s got the most innovative ideas. This is gonna be way beyond standup comedy.

  6. I like the idea, and I think there is a real lack of quality Muslim comedians in the world today. Allah Made me Funny were originators, and now it is time for folks like Aman and Baba Ali to follow in their footsteps and come up with the next best thing inshAllah!

  7. the problem with muslim comedians is that they are NOT funny! i mean seriously, spread some cream cheese on your bagel with my sword? transformer hijabis? gimme a break…and out of all of them, Aman Ali is definetely the WORST.

  8. a muslim brother on November 24, 2007 at 3:19 pm said:

    the problem with muslim comedians is that they are NOT funny! i mean seriously, spread some cream cheese on your bagel with my sword? transformer hijabis? gimme a break…and out of all of them, Aman Ali is definetely the WORST.

    Humor is subjective bro.

    For example, the sitcom friends was the number 1 show in America, yet I could never get more than a chuckle out of it.

    Not everything appeals to everybody.

  9. I voted for The Very Suspicious Comedy Tour. seems like something out of A Series of Unfortunate Events…i like it…though its losing, tied for second to last place.

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