Yasmin Elhady Makes it on the CNN YouTube Republican Debate

Yasmin Elhady has also come under attack because of this. You can read about here. Please make dua for her, inshaAllah.

Regarding the video, Guiliani was smart. He said Islam was a great religion but will keep on fighting Islamic terrorism. Mr. Guiliani, it’s not Islamic terrorism, it’s Muslim terrorism. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

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  1. It’s so evident that ppl are scapegoating Yasmin! These cowards are just looking for someone to project their hatred, misconceptions and evil thoughts.

    May Allah grant Yasmin patience during this time and guide these people!! Ameen

  2. Mujadideenryder,

    can you NOT approve my previous comment? I think it might be best not to approve it so that people do not quote yasmin incorrectly and cause her problems. I’ll post up something later telling people to see the other websites but not including her exact words.


  3. Why aren’t we promoting Ron Paul guys??? We bring up a sister, who probably knew this would happen, but we aren’t doing anything to call Muslims to Ron Paul – who happens to be the ONLY candidate who may bring us hope by Allahs mercy?

    The questions on the cnn youtube debate were picked for a reason. The people that got to answer these questions are biased and used these questions to make themselves look ‘good’ – though I must admit I almost puked when Giuliani ran his mouth.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum

    I believe this sister dropped by my booth at the MAS-LA conference. Very funny, Masha’Allah. Props to her. It’s a shame those who answered ignored her question completely and went to their stupid talking points trying to whip the partisan crowd into a frenzy. Seriously, if the Republicans had their heads any farther up their own asses they’d be certified proctologists (apologies for the language, but seriously, what a joke)

    As to Ron Paul, while his views concerning the Iraq War and imperialism in general are certainly refreshing (especially for someone running as a Republican), I think Muslims should also study his other views as well like eliminating the Department of Education and virtually all social services. He’s really a libertarian and not a Republican. I’m not saying we shouldn’t support him, just that if we do, it shouldn’t be solely over one issue. Check out the rest of his plans at http://www.ronpaul2008.com

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