Every First Generation Muslim Needs To Read This

If you were born in this country (but your parents were not) or moved to this country when you were a young child then you need to read this. Why? We may have heard the history of Islam in America from our parents, elders or Muslims who migrated to this country. We haven’t heard it from a Black Muslim who was born and raised here. Imam Zaid and Imam Siraj always stress the importance of looking at what the Black people in general had gone through to get where they are today, so this is why it is important especially for us, immigrant children, to learn from personal stories and historical facts. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad wrote a 5-part series entitled “Why Blackamericans Muslims don’t stand for justice” which highlights the Black Muslims history, the immigrant Muslims history and in general Islam’s history in America. I recommend everyone to take some time and read it, inshaAllah, becuase it is helpful to learn from the past in order to improve the future.

Why Blackamericans Muslims don’t stand for justice: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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  2. I completely agree with the author. I go to a small mosque here in P.A. There is a synagogue literally across from the mosque, we often hear them celebrating or worshiping. There has yet to be a single event involving them there. The idea that the community around them should be involved and improve with the mosque is so foreign to them it’s not even funny. You often hear speeches in phili about how much violence is out there and what each individual can do to remove it, meanwhile the arab,bangali and pakistani mosque’s each do there part in making sure people know how to do wudu properly each friday. I am sure that proper wudu is important, but there are more important issues that need to be handled more frequently instead of being pushed aside or left to the “once a month” speakers.

  3. as salaamu alaikum. this was an excellent post, and it’s sad that more haven’t commented. as a muslim black i can identify with what is being said, because i,ve seen it first hand. i remember in montgomery, ala. conversing with some brothers from bangladesh. they were asking what are you all (the muslim black american community) waiting for? what is holding you all back in your own neighborhoods? they speaking about how we didn’t own anything, and how we don’t help one another. it was sad because it was true. however, it was these same brothers that owned and operated 3 liquor stores in the community which caused a rift in the ummah at one time. that’s pretty much how it ended. a lot of good talk but nothing was done. i don’t have “the” solution, but i do know that WE, the ummah, have to do more than “just be muslims”. we have got to seek the bounty Allah swt granted us in this life as well as the hereafter. may Allah swt strengthen our resolve and revive the spirit of unity amongst the believers. salaam

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