Aqsa Parvez’s Older Sisters Didn’t Wear Hijab and THEY AIN’T DEAD!

Look at this:

The Tahirs did not know of any dispute over Aqsa wearing a hijab and said that the older Parvez sisters did not always wear the head scarf.

Aqsa Parvez has FIVE older sisters. Wait there is more:

Amal Tahir said Aqsa still periodically wore the hijab, and sometimes other students picked on her.

They didn’t accept her as easily as they did when she changed her appearance. I told her, if someone doesn’t like you for the way you are inside, the way you dress won’t influence them,” said Amal, who knew Aqsa through her older sister, Irim.

WELL what do we have here! She was picked on for wearing Hijab in school? She took it off and STILL wasn’t accepted! So now who’s FORCING the hijab off her?  Regarding the her death please read this.

Dear Biased Islam-Bashing Media Giants:

Why don’t you talk about how Aqsa Parvez’s five older sisters don’t wear hijab and they are still alive and breathing. Why don’t you go ask them if their dad forced hijab on them? Why don’t you ask her family members about Aqsa’s situation? Why don’t you go and find out what really happened? Why don’t you ask her younger brother who WAS HOME AT the time what happened? Why don’t you go speak with her uncles, aunts and cousins? Why don’t you tell the truth!

It’s okay. I already know the answer. You don’t like Islam or anything related to it. Anything bad a Muslim does, Islam did it. Plus, it’s a profitable business nowadays.

A New Yorker.


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  1. this is very interesting, do you have a documented source to back up these statements, because it would be very important that these facts become known.

  2. Ustadh Muhammad ibn Faqih suggested a couple of months ago that we create a website…something along the lines of “The Voice of Muslim Women”
    and have muslimahs go to the website, say whether they wear hijab, niqab, or neither, and whether or not they wear what they do because they were forced. We could get like a million muslimahs to sign and then get it to the media.
    I think it should definitely be done.
    Want another project Amir? 😀

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