12 Replies to “Eid Mubarak!”

  1. Eid mubarak to all…
    Please don’t forget our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Palestine, and in many others places.
    May Allah help them.
    Allah u Akbar Allah u Akbar!!!
    Al-Hamdulilah we are “lucky” to be alive for celebrate this year the eid, hope insh’Allah be here next year to celebrate it again.

  2. Eid mubarak, wa-kul-3am wa-antum mujahideen…Keep the Muslims in your dua’ not just that person or this person, because if you keep the Muslims in your dua’ your including those specific people. Moreover, if you want to make specific dua then make it for the Mujahids, they are from us and we are from them, if they loose we loose.

  3. Salaams and Eid Kareem to you as well, brother. May Allah keep and guide you as well as strengthen your heart and preserve through till the next Eid.

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