Umar Lee: Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage

You have to read this! Hahah!

Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage

5 Replies to “Umar Lee: Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage”

  1. …. after all that and it wasn’t written by him! Well it’d be interesting if he does end up publishing a letter along those lines!

  2. yea it sure is funny haha

    It really seems like he has the cards stacked against him. Black, Muslim family members, former Iraqi dictator name, last name rhymes with Osama. I’d say it’s a little too much for all these rednecks to digest. Not that they vote democrat, but I’m afraid that a majority of the swing voters are used to white Christian males being president. It was a huge deal with a Catholic white man became president , and now we got a black guy with different religious connections and a crazy Clinton woman. Why not just hand the next 4 years to the Republicans?

  3. Go Obama.
    I doubt he will ever write a letter like that. That would sink his candidacy! Unfortunately as muslims we still have a really long way to go to be accepted by this society at large. so for Obama to write something so sympathetic would be politically disastrous at best.

  4. Anyone who has read letters, reports or articles by Senator Obama — indeed, anyone who has heard his speeches, which he writes himself — can tell that this was not written by him. He has much better command of English.

  5. I guess there is no way that Obama would have written a letter like this. Remember, he has his campaign manager and staff, including PRs.

    I’m afraid character assassination is happening here as someone has (unintentionally) made up letters or topics like this. Probably it is true that BO is not wanted as president. Probably this is one the ways to strip BO from further candidacy. Nice move, pal.

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