New England Patriots, 16 wins – 0 losses

Congratulations to the New England Patriots who became the first team since 1972 (Miami Dolphins went undefeated that year) to go undefeated in the NFL regular season.

Playoffs next month!Ā  Go NY Giants!

7 Replies to “New England Patriots, 16 wins – 0 losses”

  1. The Giants prooved that they are tough enough to last in the playoffs. Their center was injured and he’s important for the playoffs. Not sure how bad his injury is. Hopefully things go their way and they play well.

  2. when it comes to the pats i hope they go all the way. brady deserves it. he is…

    uh oh i can feel the debating begin already

    …simply the best quarterback of all time.

    run run run before the angry peyton manning mob comes :RUN:.

    but my team is and will always be the ravens. b’more baby.

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