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  • Date: Jan 7,2008 | 01:11 AM

So as most of you know, I started Halal Tube and then Sports Halaqah.  I havealso started another site now called Dhikr Tube.  Basically my idea behind it is to organize all the Qur’anic Reciation videos on YouTube, Google Video, etc., by reciter.  Similar to Halal Tube’s lectures by speaker database.

I need your help.  Post comments of reciters, so I can search them and grab all their videos and add them to Dhikr Tube.  This is an exclusive post.  I’m only advertising Dhikr Tube on my blog.  I know it will spread to a lot of people but shockingly, the majority of visitors to Halal Tube and Sports Halaqah do not come to my blog, so they will not know about Dhikr Tube until I publicly release it. (I also got for all the Desi Muslims)

So please post comments, suggestions, ideas and, my favorite, criticism!  JazakAllah khair!  Thank you!

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