Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal drops a few Billions into Citi


Ballin’! The richest Muslim businessman in the world is the nephew of King Abdullah also known as al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. If you haven’t heard already, he’s dropping around $2 billion to $6.88 billion to the currently failing American financial organization known as Citi or Citigroup (Citibank). Citi recently reported losses up to and more than $10 billion which shocked Wall Street. With the investments from Prince al-Waleed and others (Kuwaiti and Chinese investors) Citi hopes to cover their losses and improve their status. Oh yeah, the new CEO of Citi was born in Bombay, India: Vikram Pandit.

May Allah guide Prince al-Waleed. Ameen.

19 Replies to “Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal drops a few Billions into Citi”

  1. What a waste. He should’ve invested in alternative energies. That would be an AMAZING and PROFITABLE investment in the upcoming years.

  2. He’s already the largest individual shareholder for Citi – definitely in his best interest – not a waste

  3. I thought he owned a large portion of Citibank already?

    People may be confused about this, but just because a random saudi does haram it does not leave the door open for others to do haram.

    And Allah knows best!

  4. I dont want to make any assumptions but maybe someone can find out what exactly is hanging around this dude’s neck.

  5. Wallah….there are people around the world scratching in the dirt for a few $ to stay alive..and this prince is doing what exactly??Allah knows best.

  6. well such beautiful man he is, I didnt know, but to finance american bank well I dont know, its His free will, he has the right to finance whatever he likes

  7. bon jour sa majeste je nai vue un homme aussi simple comme vous. bon ramadan et bonne contiuation dans les affaire

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