8 Replies to “NFC Championship Today!”

  1. great photo!

    i definitely give mad props to Eli and the Giants for making this far. Although I do not think (insha Allah) that they will win against the Packers.

    Now Packers vs. Patriots would be an epic super bowl.

  2. strahan sucks and i hate the giants. however i loathe the pats. always have, always will. go giants!

  3. Inshallah the giants will win the super bowl. Then the mannings will be the best football family in history/ 😀

  4. the way i see it, the super bowl will be an epic games no matter which way it goes.

    pats win: 19-0 — NFL record and the making of a dynasty!
    giants win: the undergod that lost 4 straight games comes back! possibly the greatest upset in NFL history!

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