MR Surprise and New Theme!

I’m getting bored of this theme, so in about a day or two, you will see some massive appearance changes on my blog.

Also, I have a surprise for all my readers out there.  Well its not really a surprise, but surprise is a catchy word so it worked well for a title.  Many of my family and friends already know, but not the general readers on my blog.  So inshaAllah I’ll give you a clue.  It has to do with all the sites I started and maintain (,,,  It also has to involve the advertising on it.

Who can guess what it is?  (Family and close friends who know are not allowed to respond!)

12 Replies to “MR Surprise and New Theme!”

  1. jazakullah – yeah I was pretty skeptical about how blogrush was working out for me… but i’m glad you liked my post (:

    not a period reader (yet!) of your blog so I have no idea what the surprise may be.

    I did however look at your previous post about Islam and Hip Hop. I find the subject very enticing. Recently there was a lecture I was sorry I missed about “Hip Hop in a Transatlantic Ummah” hmm maybe next time.

  2. let me guess… u r shutting down all ur blogs in favor of a brand-spanking-new matrimonial website to help brothers find second, third or forth wives? Enough website dedicated for the first one, so you are going to be filling a niche and making tons of money?! I also hear that you have a commitment to your fiance/wife that you will not be this new website’s client forever?

    MR = Marriage Revolution

    It all makes sense. Looking forward to it.

  3. OMG, is this MR’s real wife? When did you get married? And why are you not spending time with your wifey ^^

  4. Let’s get some things straight here. That was not my Dad, nor was that my wife. It has nothing to do with matrimonial sites and its not combining all the sites.

    I don’t think it’ll be a big deal to most of my readers, but to me it’s an accomplishment and a start of a new era, inshaAllah.

  5. I think you should get rid of the black-white theme. Try for a lighter approach. I like your design of HalalTube. Maybe you should try that.

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