At Gun Point

A few hours ago I had just come back from playing my weekly basketball game (I’m part of the South Asian Basketball League – Basketballers team). I was with some close friends of mine, MoSin, Ohmz, Kingheer, Brighton Beach Waqas and TallDarknKhansome. We randomly started to talk about the Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Long Island. MoSin and TallDarknKhansome had already been there with Shakin Shadhili (formerly known as Contemplating Chishti) and N Veed. They boasted of how scary it was and they did research online and read about how the place was haunted and infested with drug addicts, homeless people and other weird stories…

kings-park-psych-ward.jpg The picture to the left is real. Now imagine that place at night. With no lights. Pitch black. So dark that my friend’s couldn’t see me unless I smiled. As we talked about it in the car we decided to go check it out since me, Ohmz, Kingheer and Brighton Beach Waqas never went. We started the 15 minuted drive towards Kings Park.

Upon entering the area we were shocked and and surprised of how dark it was. The only lit area was from the cars’ headlights. We then came upon the side of the road and turned into this blocked off entrance.


The large dark building appeared in front of us with its gigantic size and hundreds of windows. Not a single light was shining in the building. That sight frightened us a little bit but we pursued more into the area. We kept driving and stopping and looking at the many buildings surrounding the area. They were all abandoned. We then came up on an area with lights. It was a strangely located bar that was open. We drove past it and continued to be amazed at the mysterious buildings. We started to dare each other to go outside and walk around. No one left the car. We all were scared. We then started to drive back, but Waqas, Kingheer and myself decided let’s man up and take a walk around the buildings. We told the rest of the crew so we turned around and parked in the parking lot of the bar. We started to walk towards the buildings along this sidewalk. We were loud. Some of us were screaming like idiots, while others were trying to scare each other. We felt safe, until MoSin spotted a weird reflector in the bushes randomly placed. At first he didn’t think of anything. He then saw it move. He said what was that. Kingheer then said it’s nothing probably.

It started to move closer to MoSin. “Who are you?”

No answer.

“Who are you?”

“It’s a dog!” screamed TallDarknKhansome. Ohmz said “A dog!?”

At this point, I was at the front of everyone. The shadowy figure was coming from behind where MoSin was. I turned around and looked at dark shadowy figure that looked to what appeared to be a black dog running towards us from behind. All I was thinking was “Audhobillahiminashaytanirajeem” and I started to run like crazy, then I heard this:

“POLICE! Stop!” MoSin yelled “It’s only a flashlight! It’s only a flashlight!” He said that to calm everyone down, because he was the only one that had seen the gun pulled out and aimed at him and us all. We all stopped turned around and saw the cop. We put our hands up and began to come together. The cop rounded us up with our hands up in the air. He asked for IDs. We gave it to him. Then we explained to him we’re students from SBU and we came to check out the place because of what we heard. He then became calm and started to talk about the psych ward and its history. He became our tour guide after that. He basically told us don’t come here at night, just go during the day. We’ll probably check it out during the day next time.

That was probably one of the most scariest moments in my life. We were literally at gun point.

After that we drove to Dunkin Donuts and discussed how fun it was. It’s only fun after it happens not during. Alhamdulillah no one got hurt. Alhamdulillah we didn’t end up in jail overnight. Alhamdulillah!

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  1. Salam, You Guys Are Mad Crazy you should have gotten yourself a room at the center pulling stunts like that, lol. Next time don’t run from the crazy dog, it might be mike vick’s or dmx’s. Haha, and just recite Ayat Al Kursi…

    Anyhows that was a hot written story for the blair jinn project.

    I wonder if their will be a part 2? Oh yea you should tooken the cop to dunkin donuts, im sure he was in the mood for them…ha..aight yo wasalaam. Saad – Chill Yo Islam

  2. salam

    wow, that’s CRAZY. so is this where you brothers went instead of meetin up wit us at the REAL CROWN? i see how it is

    haha nah, thats good alhamdullilah you guys were safe, i can’t wait to hear waqas story in person next time i see him inshallah

    and im very tempted now to go check this place out……in the day 😉

  3. Such a huge fuss over nothing.
    U people are cry babies.
    Muslims are dying every day, can’t u think of something better to do than such a waste of time.

  4. There’s a reason i told you not to go there guys. I’ve lived next to that town my whole life. Its a whack place. But there are drug addicts and homeless and former pych patients who were deemed releasable living not far from there in houses towards the edge of the ward. Anyways, good to hear your alive and the dog was a cop. Alhamdulillah.

  5. Bismillah,

    Assalamu alaikum MR!

    Yea, I went there during the day accidentally during the Winter Break, I made the wrong turn. As you turn, it’s right there in your face, totally unexpected. Even though it was daytime, I was so scared, it looked so dark and gloomy. Very freaky…if you go again, record it!


  6. My cousin is from King Park. He told me about that place and how creepy it was. Long Island is mad creepy. My house was built in 1846. Nuff said. ; )

  7. Arslan on February 2, 2008 at 9:10 am said:

    Such a huge fuss over nothing.
    U people are cry babies.
    Muslims are dying every day, can’t u think of something better to do than such a waste of time.

    Arslan on February 2, 2008 at 9:10 am said:

    Such a huge fuss over nothing.
    U people are cry babies.
    Muslims are dying every day, can’t u think of something better to do than such a waste of time.

    I hate people like this… they piss me off. judgmental Muslims. You see them everywhere mosque, stores etc… They don’t even know the person and throw these dumb stereotypes. It can be a brother who prays 5x a day – but since hes seen with a weird hairstyle “ooooo astrughfrillah”

    Thats my rant of the day.


  8. “With no lights. Pitch black. So dark that my friend’s couldn’t see me unless I smiled.”

    LOL…that was funny. After that I so could not take this story seriously. Not to mention the Gangsta/Sufi hybrid nicknames you used….

    Stories like this are so classic. True but oddly funny…

  9. I ask; why can’t we all just get along. We don’t need to show what we’re doing to benefit this world or our Ummah…we just need to do it. Play time is play time, and we’re living in this world of sin..let’s all make the most of it iA.

    ’nuff said.

  10. I’m almost positive it is jinn infested, but I’m not willing to go check it out. One does not dive into fitna – just make du’aa that will be able to pass through it safely when it comes. Wallahu a’lam.

  11. Alhamdulillah that nothing happened. and I agree, that place is prob. infested with jinn. however, i think the weirdest part of the story is all the nicknames! Weird…

  12. Crazy college/ university students… *Grins and shakes head*

    Pretty funny, although it reminds me of the Hadith where the Prophet (sallallaau ‘alaihi wa sallam) warns against deliberately entering places known to be infested with jinn (I’m just paraphrasing, maybe someone can find the actual text?).

    Anyway, glad to know that no one messed their pants 😛

  13. I grew up in Kings Park – I used to go there every weekend with friends to just explore the buildings and tunnels at night – sometimes the day. It was creepy but fun but not once did we see drug addicts and homeless people in the abandoned buildings. Some of the buildings that were still open had some patients that were deemed harmless walking around during the day, and they were harmless. There were cops (mainly psych center cops) that would try to chase you out but it seemed they only had jurisdiction on that property because every time we left they stopped. You just had to make sure you parked your car where they couldn’t see it. Usually we’d park off property and walk to the buildings. It’s definitely worth exploring but be aware they don’t want you there. If you’re into that stuff it’s one of the best abandoned places to go – the best I’ve ever been to.

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