Superbowl XLII – Giants vs. Patriots

giants-patriots-superbowl.jpgSo today is the big day. The day when the undefeated New England Patriots take on the underdogs, the New York Giants. The Giants are on a 10-road-game winning streak. The Patriots are on a 18-game winning streak. Tom Brady and his team think they have a strong chance of winning. Most of the country thinks the Patriots will win as well. They are all wrong. New York knows the Giants will win.

InshaAllah, the Giants will win and the Patriots will go home crying.

My predicition: Giants 21, Patriots 17

May Allah (swt) give our brother Ahmad Bradshaw of the NY Giants and the rest of his team success. Ameen!

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9 Replies to “Superbowl XLII – Giants vs. Patriots”

  1. I dont understand the hype. They only people that I can understand when they get excited are those who have money riding on these games. Since we are all Muslims and NONE of us gamble, mashallah, why does anyone really give a rotten samosa who wins or loses?

    Don’t people realize things like this are meant to distract us from more important things?

  2. I agree with the man of few words who has the longest comment thus far. waste of time no doubt. Alhamdulillah. On a side note, a rotten sambosa sounds gross.

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