Our Children in Iraq

Take your time and scroll down through these images of our young Muslim brother and sisters in Iraq. Reflect on them and realize that with all the short comings and depressing moments we have living in our warm homes are nothing to what is happening to these young children in Iraq and around the world. Make dua the night you read this. Make dua during the early morning hours. May Allah (swt) protect the innocent and provide justice for them all around the world. Ameen!

Warning: Pictures are not suitable for the weak hearted.

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  1. assalam alaykum,

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And these pictures tell the story of what’s happening in Iraq; more than any words could ever describe. Yes, let’s not forget to make dua’, at a minimum.

  2. remember that du’a is the weapon of the believer. Though it may seem that we are helpless to aid out brothers and sisters, ALLAH has armed us so do not underestimate the power of du’a. May ALLAH guide all the Muslims and aid them against their enemies. ALLAHU ya ‘izz al Islam inshallah!

  3. Now who are terrorize who? Sure, these children terrorize the amenican government!!!!
    Thanks mister bush : thanks to him the iraqi people can go out with tranquility!
    Where are Miss Peace and Miss Liberty?
    Hope insh’Allah that all you will vote for a better president!!!!
    Mister bush, mister terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Too many victims… Horrible!!!

    Don’t forget them insh’Alllah!Don’t forget too the others who are suffering too!!(Palestine, Chichan, afghanistan…..)

    And don’t forget this hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him):
    “the Ummah is like a human body; if one part is injured the entire body feels the pain”
    (hope insh’Allah not make a mistake dor this hadith coz my english is not good as you can see!)

    Allahu Akbar! If you want help them: make du’a every day for them insh’Allah!!

  4. It was a great reminder to all of us. Jazakallah MR. We should at least remember to make dua for our brothers and sisters in Iraq and elsewhere. It is least we can do.

  5. if the eye doesn’t fill with tears and the heart doesn’t sigh then there is no need for you to see’ it would be better that you just die’ oh death come with vengeance on those that eat up our people’ as one who eats up bread’ cast your wrath upon them’ and break their hypocritical head’
    Christianity is men without religion’ and Islam is a religion without men’ they abandoned the obligation that may never come again’ for the worldly life has captured them’ they cannot see the way’ they cannot see the hellfire nor the judgment day’ nor will you see the punishment of what for sure is to come’ you would wish for the days that had past you by you’d reached out for a gun’ and taken up the right of each and every mother and gone out to champion the right of every Muslim brother ,
    Oh child of stressful tears the loneliness and waiting has left you the prisoner s of fears’
    My heart is ready to burst’ my side is full of pain’ my eyes look on your sorrow and anguish’ Oh let not my prayer oh Allah be in vain! Grant the children of Iraq the greatest of our prayers’ keep their hearts full of iman to help them through these days!’ for their test is now and ours has soon to come the beasts is making war with fire bombs and gun, they tell us there fighting terror but for us it is so clear they want to extinguish the light of faith but Allah’s help is near’
    Lift up your hands towards to the sky’ and ask your Lord the reason why I cannot help those who cry Your answer will soon be clear we have left the religion of Muhammad we have left the religion so dear we left the worship of Allah we have trusted men and our reliance should be of upon him and not of them’ Allah’s blessing and guidance to those who listen to the messenger who abandon falsehood and raise the pillars of iman so Allah word is the highest thorough out the blessed land, the land of our father Abraham! Blessings and peace to all our brothers Allah’s little helpers

  6. i can not justify the actions of war on the poor and vulnerable in society, to be different seems to justify the slaughter of the innocent in the eyes of the western world. it is evident that an evil power is wondering the world slaying the beautiful and precious, we watch helpless and our hearts and eyes wonder how is this allowed to happen, i believe that dua will reach the heavens to answer our prayers for justice and peace for our brothers and sisters and ultimately all our children, we are all responsible for each other and i can not describe the pain i feel at this slaughter of children and families, so let us all bow our heads in submission and pray that Allah S.W.S will hear us soon and we can rest assured that the children will feel no more pain as they reside in paradise. and Allah knows best

  7. As a Christian I am disgusted in what the US is doing in IRAQ !!!

    This beast must be stopped !!!


    They will surely not go unpunished for the ALMIGHTY will make everything known.

  8. I have no words to express the anger, the sorrow and the hate I feel for the oppressors. I just hope I am not unbiased. The people of Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan will be in my duas, inshAllah. SubhanAllah, such stark reality and I have been blind to all this.

  9. How can we ever complain about our problems after seeing this??

    Could we endure what they are enduring for even ONE day??

    We should be careful before we complain to Allah of our “problems”.

    The truth is, we are of those that are tested with wealth and bounty. Our test is to have everything, are we grateful??

    Theirs is to be patient and remain steadfast through their trials and hardships.

    We should prove to Allah swt that we are indeed of those who are thankful to Him.

    Live every moment as if it is your last…remember this life is not a place of comforts for a believer…rather its a place of trials and tests….It is in the Hereafter that we will find comfort.

  10. After seening these pics tears or just faliing out of my eyes cant express the pain i feel, yet the pain we feel dose not even mount to an ounce of pain that these poor children feel every second, may Allah swt grant these children and their familys sabar and strength and help them through their mushkilaath Ameen.
    Inshalah these children will gain real comfort in the hereafter as surely this life is nothing but a test.

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