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The Surprise is Here!

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  • Date: Feb 12,2008 | 01:16 AM

Several days ago, I posted about a surprise I had for all the MR readers. Well here it is:

Mandazi Network

Basically I started my own company. Yes it’s official. Registered in New York with all the documentation. My goal is to get rid of the middle man in terms of getting advertisers to advertise on my sites. In other words, limit or stop my use of Google Ads and deal with advertisers directly, especially Muslim business owners, website owners, and other Muslim advertisers. I’ve seen companies like and have success in selling ad space to Muslim advertisers. With sites like my own blog and Halal Tube receiving a decent amount of web traffic, I thought I could also do the same. Thus I launched Mandazi Network Inc. which owns and maintains all the websites I have designed and started.

So if you want to advertise directly on any of my sites or know of any Muslim business, websites or organizations that need more traffic, let them know about the Mandazi Network!

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