Michigan State University Professor uses Al-Maghrib forums to teach Islam

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef writes:

Here is an email we received:
I just thought i would share some interesting and nice news that i just heard. A friend of mine who is studying history at Michigan State University was sitting in class the other day and his professor who is tenured and a PhD was talking about Islam and authenticity and how we grade our hadith and so on. In order to show the class some points on Hadith he opened a web page and guess what it was. It was our forums! He talked about hadith and used some of the topics on our forums as references.

Now that is cool!

Source: AlMaghrib Blog

5 Replies to “Michigan State University Professor uses Al-Maghrib forums to teach Islam”

  1. Big deal! Why should the reference of the Michigan State Prof. matter to us? He probably cannot differentiate between what is authentic and what’s not anyways. It would have been a big deal if the vast majority of the Muslims used AlMaghrib forums as a reference for studying Islamic viewpoints in an unbiased manner.

    Kafir’s “validation” doesnt matter.

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