The Power of YouTube

This YouTube video is not even a week old and it’s all over the Internet (reddit, digg, stumbleupon, etc.):

The best part of the video is when the cop said “You got that video on? If I find myself on [Video ends].” Within two days of the video being on YouTube, the cop was suspended due to his actions. The Major of Baltimore even saw the video and was ashamed. The power of a viral YouTube video is amazing. We should give Palestinians cameras so they can record Israeli terrorism or Iraqis to record American terrorism and YouTube them all.

5 Replies to “The Power of YouTube”

  1. Cops are upstanding people who do not behave in such ways. The person in the video was obviously an impostor. They serve and protect us making out lives safe. Without they’re important services there would be chaos. The badge and gun does not go to their heads and make them behave like authoritarian fascist pigs. Any such label like pig, fascist, expletive or the like should not be applied to our heros in blue.

    Police brutality is not a major problem. Bush has not made the problem worse. The police are not racist. They do not behave like a mafia. Do not call cops pigs. Do not call all cops pigs. Cops are not pigs. I do not hate cops. I do not hate all cops.

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