Barack Obama: “Turn off the TV!”

If you know anyone in Texas or Ohio, make sure to tell them to vote for Obama on Tuesday March 4. Barack Obama continues to impress me with his words. Finally someone gets real with the current educational system and goes to the root of the problem: parenting. Parents need to turn off the TV! Start spending time with their children. This also goes to Muslim parents too. Muslim children are also facing the same issues as any other typical American child. They watch crappy television shows on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network. Seriously, have you ever watched shows like Hannah Montana. It’s ridiculous! Children shows have gone far as accepting dating and homosexuality. They’ve also completely removed religion from it all. In fact, from watching TV with some of my nephews and nieces, I’ve seen they have less cartoons and more real-life drama shows for children. It’s like soap operas but for children.

What happened to the amazing cartoons when I was growing up like Duck Tales, Captain Planet, Tiny Toons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the original X-Men, the original Batman, Batman beyond, Animaniacs, Tales Spin, Pinky and the Brain, Rugrats, Inspector Gadget and the rest of the 90s/80s cartoons.

These videos brought back some great memories growing up:

30 minutes of 80s Cartoon Intros:

30 minutes of 90s Cartoon Intros:

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  1. Ditto with Ibrahim.

    But also ditto with 90s Cartoons. Batman was a deep good show. It was so good for a kids show, it had gray areas and complexities – even when I’m looking at it at this age. But in general, I think the harms of television far outwiegh the good. Pick up a book.

  2. But thanks for the nostalgic 90s cartoon intros! I didn’t know so many existed! And some of them look incredibly stupid! And you can tell when japanese cartoons started making their way in…

  3. Even though Obama sounds like the LEAST EVIL of the candidates he still bows down to the Israeli lobby (aipac) …. he is still is funded by the Zionist and is a puppet in their show on the stage we call this world so one should not think things are going to change he is the same John McCain or Hilliary Clinton ….

  4. Nabulsi: Obama doesn’t bow to ANY lobbyist , including AIPAC. His campaign receives NO PAC or interest group money, so to say it is funded by Zionists is completely wrong.

    Anyway, I live in the headquarters of the campaign, Austin Texas, and am an intern for Obama. I do know that he still supports Israel, but he is the first one that will actually talk to other countries and not listen to lobbyists like AIPAC, which is a huge start to help America become independent of nations like Israel and to help stop the killing in the Middle East by Americans. He speaks for Muslims in America and around the world and actually semi-understands foreign policy (not as well as Ron Paul though).



  5. Obama is evil … Hillary is more evil … y u support Obama, you are still supporting evil. Vote your conscience not the lesser of two evils. Or better yet stay at home and refuse to be responsible for disastrous politics.

    Honestly if you ARE a democrat, the smartest thing to do is to elect a republican. the way the economy and the war are going if a republican is elected he will so ruinously obliterate the party that there will never be another republican in the white house ever again.

  6. Does obama ever show his concern with Muslims period; Should we really vote for him? in my family we just feel that we’ll ask Allah to allow whoever is best for the Muslims and justices for all….

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