Barack Obama: “As president…I will…make it clear that the U.S. is not at war with Islam…”

Barack Obama said:

As president of the United States, I will directly address the people of the Muslim world to make it clear that the United States is not at war with Islam, that our enemy is al-Qaeda and its tactical and ideological affiliates, and that our struggle is shared. In this speech, I will make it clear that the United States rejects torture — without equivocation, and will close Guantanamo. I will make it clear that the United States stands ready to support those who reject violence with closer security cooperation; an agenda of hope — backed by increased foreign assistance — to support justice, development and democracy in the Muslim world; and a new program of outreach to strengthen ties between the American people and people in Muslim countries. I will also make it clear that we will expect greater cooperation from Muslim countries; and that the United States will always stand for basic human rights — including the rights of women — and reject the scourge of anti-Semitism. Simply put, I will say that we are on the side of the aspirations of all peace-loving Muslims, and together we must build a new spirit of partnership to combat terrorists who threaten our common security.

Source: Washington Post

Everyone in Ohio and Texas go and vote for Obama! If you live in Ohio, click here to find out where to vote. If you live in Texas, click here to find out where to vote.

19 Replies to “Barack Obama: “As president…I will…make it clear that the U.S. is not at war with Islam…””

  1. Bush said that too.

    I work for Obama here in Texas, but for him to say that doesn’t mean much because even Rudy Guliani says that.

  2. Oh by the way I don’t know if you know this recently on 60 minutes Obama said Islam smear is offensive to Muslims. from the one minute mark.

  3. I think he is full of crap but I may only vote for him because he is a lesser of two evils.
    I dont think the any politican will every help the muslims its about their interests. If they are in line with what they have then so be it. Israel rusn the show so knowing that it would not really make a difference who you vote for. You need to see which candiate has your interest in mind. The Muslim back in 1998 were divided while most african american muslims voted for Bush the imigrant population voted for Gore. Iremember some dude saying vote for Bush we dont need a jew in the white house talking about VP Liberman. Man do you really think they are that different. its all the same they may differ in domestic policy, but forgien policy its not gonna make a difference. Plus its the circumstances that shape the situation. If the war was going good and the economy was fine they would not care wheather they were lied to.

  4. Obama does look better than hilary, but if there’s any moral to the story of the past 50 years.. it’s to never trust americans. I don’t beleive him but I hope i’m proven wrong

  5. Lesser of two evils still means you voted for evil … think about that. Lesser of two evils ONLY counts when there are ONLY evil choices out there … Paul and Nader are not evil like Obamination or Billary or McPain

  6. inshallahshaheed on March 5, 2008 at 4:51 pm said:

    Dear Ameer,

    Assalam Alaikum.

    Why are you telling your fellow Muslims to commit Shirk in the name of Maslaha?

    Asalamualykum inshallahshaheed,

    Thank you for your comment and visit. May Allah (swt) guide you and bless you. Ameen!

    First of all, I wasn’t only addressing Muslims in my post. I was speaking to every American citizen who lives in Ohio or Texas, and who is registered as a member of the Democratic Party to vote for Barack Obama.

    You have accused me of promoting shirk in the name of maslaha. Well may Allah (swt) forgive me for this if I am wrong, but I am following the opinion of the many scholars (from all theological views). You can find them here.


  7. Hillary and Nader both are trying to take votes away from Obama.. its a proven fact..and hilllary is more for the jewish ppls…obama knows about islam and wants peace for all just like Martin luther king Jr.
    ..its also said that one of the signs of the day of judgement is that a black person will rule the west..isnt it time for that now?
    …all im doing is stating the facts but I think obama is the right person to go with
    ..inshallah i hope he does win and turn America around for the better after wat Bush did….
    ..and think about it..if hillary won..the prez election wud be btwn mc cain and hillary..wat a sour presidency elcetion that wud be..=)

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