Hijabis: Don’t give in to Shaytan!

I don’t know if that what shaytan looks like but it was a good video with a good message.

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  1. Interestingly, the shaytan in this video is very effeminate, just like the clothing designers that dictate what women wear.
    As Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad said:

    “Pornography blends into the fashion industry, which claims to exist for the gratification of women, but is in fact, as she records, largely controlled by men who seek to persuade women to denude or adorn themselves to add to a public spectacle created largely for men. (Many fashion designers, moreover, are homosexual, Versace only the most conspicuous example, and these men create a boylike fashion norm which forces women into patterns of diet and exercise which constitute a new form of oppression.)”


  2. I don’t know man. I have to say, I think this is pretty wack. The hijab is supposed to be symbol of profound subservience to the Divine, not a mere safeguard to protect men from being attracted to the opposite sex. Otherwise, one would have to conclude that the woman’s very presence in public is in itself too sexually suggestive to be permissible. Saudi Arabia is the case in point here.

    An understanding of the hijab relative to male sexuality results in the utter obliteration of women, as there would be no end to the notions of what behavior (or body parts) are too sexually suggestive to be acceptable.

    The fact that some Muslimahs feel the need to ‘compromise’ their hijab is above all a testament to the societal expectations imposed by patriarchal societies (including our own – let’s not kid ourselves). Maybe if the guys lowered their gazes women wouldn’t feel so compelled to compete with the picture-perfect models selling detergent on TV.

  3. There is many others videos with shaytan…this one, like the other, it’s so true sobhnAllah, may Allah forgive us !!!!
    It’s the reason why we have to repeat always our intention!!!

  4. Salaam ‘Alaikum

    These air as commercials or PSAs of a sort on TV in the Middle East. In case anyone is wondering, yes they have these videos focusing on men (mainly on respecting elders and praying) and others with women that aren’t about hijab (praying and gossiping are the two I’ve seen). Still, I would like to see one on the hijab of the men.

    Uberhim, I agree with what you’re saying, but I didn’t see anything in this video about appealing to the boys. While I believe in hijab being all of the hair and no makeup in public and blah blah blah, I still feel a little itchy about these b/c believe it or not, it is hard for a lot of girls here who want to wear hijab. Their families are against it or their friends are, or their jobs are or whatever. Or the parents will let them wear al Amira or sparkly hijabs, but not abayas or plain hijabs. So to me, this video feels like it would discourage these sisters who already feel out of place but are trying.

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