MAS Youth: Voices for Change with Outlandish


Outlandish will be touring in the following cities:

  • 5.31.08 – The Shrine Auditorium • Los Angeles • USA
  • 6.06.08 – Centro Austuriano de Tampa • Florida • USA
  • 6.08.08 – Fox Theate • Detroit • USA
  • 6.13.08 – The Majestic Theater • Dallas • USA
  • 6.14.08 – Rosemont • Chicago • USA
  • 6.15.08 – New Balance Center • New York • USA

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8 Replies to “MAS Youth: Voices for Change with Outlandish”

  1. ASA, People people we got to organize. How is it that Isam B sent me their show dates and that contradicts what yall got on this site? Even the dates on Outlandish’s sites are consistent with what Isam B told me. We got people that have already booked flights that will be greatly inconvenienced now. C’mon Ummah…

  2. Aslamu aleykum?

    It’s nice that they are comin to the U.S, But they should of came to Minneapolis MN! it’s all good though… maybe next year insha Allah.

    Much Love for Outlandish!

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